Colombian Media Outlets Following Their Readers to Miami

“Media companies in Colombia are rushing to follow their readers to America.”
By: Albero Fuentes

Miami, FL – As the influx of Colombian nationals takes over South Florida, so are Colombian news media outlets looking to reach their compatriots who have left the South American country.

Media outlets like El Tiempo, Diario del Huila and El Nuevo Siglo have been in conversation with South Florida based news outlets to create partnerships and leverage the fast growing Colombian influence in the Sunshine state.

One reason for the focus on traditional media outlets is that Colombia has a strong culture of literacy. Colombia’s literacy rate is highest in Latin America.

According to Diplomat Magazine The International System of Certification of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Sicele) recognizes 77 institutions in Latin America and Spain with regular courses; 34 of which are in Spain, while the remaining 43 are located in Latin America, 20 of them in Colombia, a country that enjoys enormous prestige thanks to the quality of its Spanish. This reputation has become the motto of the national government to encourage learning Spanish in Colombia: “To learn the best Spanish in the World, the answer is Colombia!”

With that in mind, media companies in Colombia are rushing to follow their readers to America.

The top 10 Colombian media companies with online or print newspapers looking to make deals with US based media outlets include:

El Tiempo – 1.8 Million online visits per day and print circulation of 345,000 per day

El Universal – 1.2 million online visits per day and print circulation of 287,000 per day

El Diario Huila – 950,000 online visits per day and print circulation 240,000 per day

El Nuevo Siglo – 920,000 online visits per day and print circulation 266,000 per day

El Peletero and La Patria have joined to make an offer. El Peletero counts with 1 million daily online visitors and a national circulation of 315,000 print samples per day.

Other national media outlets exploring extending their operations to South Florida include Qhubo, Vanguardia, El Heraldo, and EL Universal all with an average readership of 1 million readers online and 233,000 print newspapers per day across Colombia.

Colombians in South Florida are among the top 4 groups of immigrants from Latin America including Argentinians, Brazilians, and Venezuelans.

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