Mixclick.io: Making It Easy To Find Engineer By Genre

Mixclick.io: Making It Easy To Find Engineer By Genre

Here’s an industry secret you may not be aware of; many of the biggest artists in the world don’t always record in the studio. Many records at home or even on the road and send their tracks to other collaborating artists and engineers to be mixed remotely. Today, technology allows us to do this easily; all while keeping the same level of quality sound we expect from top-tier recording studios. It’s time for you to do the same with MixClick.

Elevate your sound now with MixClick at a fraction of the price of a studio session and GO VIRAL! Covid lockdown or not, artists now have an affordable way to create music with the same professional sound they would have in the studio. Mixclick supports artists recording on any DAW or device, even smartphones! And for the audio engineers out of work, there is no cost to become a member.

MixClick offers some of the lowest commission fees on any marketplace available. A huge library of vocal presets for all genres of music is all also available for artists looking to record and mix on their own at home. Online Mixing services start as low as $19.99 per song. Join the next generation of music creation. MixClick, the mix in just one click.

Here are comments by people that have used the services of MixClick.

“It’s like having an engineer in your pocket, affordable, and super convenient. Mixclick is amazing. I’d recommend this for any artist on any budget, it’s so easy to use. This is a GAMECHANGER!” – John London, Audio Engineer.

“With studios being closed down and people out of work, artists still need that opportunity to create. This helps them save money and record high quality music straight from the crib. This is the future.” – Dj Fred, Radio Dj.

“As a label owner, I want my artists to create whenever and where ever they are. Mixclick got my whole team covered and I love having the option of working with whoever I want at any time.” – Paul Jordan, Record Label Owner.

“I knew I had the talent but I needed that pro sound. We all know how a trash mix can ruin a dope song. Mixclick gave me exactly what I wanted for way less than what I paid at the studio.” – Zee Major, Rapper.

Visit https://mixclick.io/ For more details.

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