MIRIS and LiquidCool Solutions Partner to Change the Datacenter World

MIRIS and LiquidCool Solutions Partner to Change the Datacenter World

OSLO, NORWAY – MIRIS, Norway’s leader in green real estate technology, today entered into an agreement with LiquidCool Solutions (LCS), the world leader in rack-based immersion cooling technology for datacenters. The agreement gives MIRIS the exclusive right to distribute LCS technology on heat recovery projects in the Nordics and Baltics region. This partnership will facilitate the development of the next generation of datacenter racks with the highest density and the most effective heat recovery that the industry has ever seen.

In 2019 MIRIS assembled key industry partnerships to plan and build 15 regional Edge datacenters in the Nordic region with up to two megawatts of capacity each, and 25 local Edge facilities with up to 500 kilowatts of capacity each. Svein H. Olavesen, MIRIS VP Business Unit Datacenters, says, “LCS brings to the table a technology that is uniquely able to recapture more than 90% of rack input energy in the form of a 60oC liquid, which enables the reuse of valuable energy that would otherwise be wasted.”

To accomplish its objective MIRIS computing facilities will be connected as one virtual datacenter with functionality to move compute where heat is needed. MIRIS also will build a High-Performance Compute (HPC) platform that provides compute services for such applications as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Gaming, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Intelligence, Analytics and Internet of Things.

Carbon emissions associated with datacenters have been a major contributor to man-made global warming and climate change. It is estimated that datacenters currently account for over 3% of electrical energy demand worldwide. The MIRIS/LCS partnership has a goal of eliminating a datacenter’s contribution to global warming by combining LCS ultra-green cooling technology and commercial use of waste heat, with renewable energy sources. The  combination of reducing and repurposing datacenter energy use and incorporating renewable power will result in virtually no increase in carbon footprint after installation than before the datacenter was built.

“In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, a MIRIS/LCS datacenter offers many other advantages, including significantly reduced space requirements, zero water consumption, no fans so the datacenter runs quietly, and isolation of electronic components from air so IT hardware lasts longer,” said Stephen Einhorn, Co-Chairman, LiquidCool Solutions. “MIRIS datacenters will leverage all these advantages to create the greenest datacenters in the world, which savvy customers should demand.”

About MIRIS (https://miris.no/)

MIRIS is challenging the real estate industry through innovative technology that covers the entire value chain from land acquisition, project management to financing. The business model is based on sustainable energy, property development and operations to increase efficiency and solve increasing needs for computing power. 

About LCS (http://www.liquidcoolsolutions.com)

LiquidCool Solutions is a technology development firm with 43 granted and nine pending patents centered on cooling electronics via total immersion in an inexpensive, eco-friendly dielectric liquid. Off-the-shelf electronic components are repackaged for insertion in standard and OCP racks.

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