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The RV industry has witness growth of over 200% in the last decades, by continuing innovative designs incorporated by the vendors to differentiate their products from other existing vendors. RVs are popular across generation mostly with baby boomers, millennials, and Gen-X. Motorized RVs are becoming more efficient due to the increasing usage of lightweight materials. The adoption of smart technology and allowing the residents to control security, light, and entertainment systems via smartphones are creating growth opportunities for the market players in the RV industry. The travel and tourism industry is significantly influenced by the millennial population, especially those who are looking for new experiences rather than just travelling to a new destination. Furthermore, one of the best ways that millennials have explored the way of experiencing nature is through RVing. The state of housing market is marketing RVs to young millennials as a more affordable and attractive option for travelling, which in turn, is fueling the growth in the RV industry.


Did you know the RV industry generated more revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, as travelers were more in control of the sanitization and safety while RVing across the country? American active vacationers are renting RVs to travel that helps them in maintaining social distance and avoid crowd at the same time. People have figured out that traveling in RVs is the ultimate way to self-isolate as well as to satisfy their wanderlust. As per the RV Industry Association, the wholesale RV shipment to surpass 400,000 units by the end of 2020 and is expected to witness a significant growth in 2021 as well. RVs provides an appealing concept to the travelersespecially during the times of corona thatsleeping on one’s own bed in a RV is much better that staying in a hotel room that previously had another occupant.




Experience your Marine Stay with Recreational Boating


Marine industry is observing an increased appeal for technology with advanced feature to enjoy the marine life and recreational boating industry is also following this trend. The outdoor leisure activities industry is developing new concept for the younger generation to explore marine life via recreational boats. The players are incorporating latest technology to make the existing vessels more appealing and with latest innovation used in a modern recreational boats, new designs, and lightweight materials coupled with automation of core boat functions. Market players are focusing on artificial intelligence as the key technology to be implemented in the marine industry. The recreational boating industry is witnessing significant growth for electric boat with advanced technology over the past two years.


The emergence of the floating sustainable villasis taking the recreational boating industry by a storm. According to Trade Only Today, Austria-based silent-yachts is developing solar-powered catamarans as the new sustainable move in the tourism industry and are promoting the use of green energy in the RV industry as well. The new concept of silent-resort is gaining traction, people are curious to experience marine with silent-resort catamarans. Travelers can stay like homes in catamarans as a floating villa to experience the water activities and a new way of spending vacations.




Is Camping New Home for Adventure Travelers?


Adventure tourism is one of the fastest-growing categories in the tourism market and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 13% by 2026. Adventure travelling includes all the outdoor activities such as camping, cycling, fishing, rafting, and more. The adventurous tourism is influenced by Europeans due to the unique insight of technological transition, providing the vendors high growth prospects in the future. Camping is an inexpensive form of recreation; it is becoming popular among the baby boomers and the younger generation. Most companies sell inexpensive camping tour packages, which further drives the market for camping gear. Europe accounts for overall 40% of the market share in the adventure tourism industry.

As per Forbes, millennials and Gen-X make up 3/4th of the total numbers of campers, where 40% of them are millennials. The reducing barriers and the desire for connecting with the nature areemerging as the primary factors in the camping market. People those were not interested in camping are now looking for new ways to camp, due to the recent trend of camping across the globe and this is also creating lucrative opportunities for vendors operating in the RV industry as well. Specifically, millennials are interested in experiencing both camping and glamping, whereas, Gen X seeks more unique accommodations. The problem of safety as well as security was hindering the camping, but now with the access to the internet and social media networks the concern is eliminated.  Find out how the world of camping, glamping, and RVing are all interconnected, encouraging vendors to create unique experiences for adventure seekers and wellness tourism enthusiasts alike.


Dark Sky Tourism’s Impact on Glamping


Dark sky tourism is an unbelievable glamping experience for the tourists and glamping aficionados . It provides artificial glow and under a canopy which is gaining immense traction in the market. The factors such as stargazing is sometimes synonymous with high-end experiences indicate that the combination of glamping and stargazing work well together and have a high chance of success. Some of the darkest skies in the world are above Europe, making a strong case for stargazing spots thereby, driving the glamping market. Glamping in the recent decades is witnessing dramatic growth due to awareness and desirability of becoming a mainstream phenomenon. The COVID-19 is hindering the hotels services to stay during travelling, people are preferring camping, glamping, and RVs to avoid crowd and maintain proper distance.


Despite the hit the travel and tourism industry has taken during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, RVs and isolated camping activities witnessed a boom in demand. 2020 undoubtedly has been the year of exploring new travel options and vacationing ideas, that enabled travel enthusiasts to enjoy the perks of travelling, while maintaining social distancing. And the RV industry witnessed that huge transition, where the target audiences just went from occasional travelers to new customers warming up to the idea of taking a road trip on a RV. The catch is still wait and witness what 2021 holds for the RV industry and other recreational activities such as camping, glamping, adventure tourism, and more.


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