Millennial Tax Expands to Help Sole-Proprietors & Freelancers With Recent Tax Changes

With how the recent tax changes impact freelancers, independent contractors and sole proprietors, Millennial Tax is expanding its offices to serve more solopreneurs. New changes mean solopreneurs will have more questions now than ever. These tax changes have been the biggest overhaul in the tax code in more than 30 years. Depending on the type of legal structure of a solopreneur’s business, they will most likely have new tax considerations. Being able to speak with a tax professional that is at the head of a of the curve in terms of understanding these changes is vital for solopreneurs to able to keep their financial plan on track.

Senior Tax Professional, Meisa Bonelli has been featured on, TheStreet and Yahoo Finance. Clients have reported on average that Millennial Tax has helped them save 10 – 20% of their prior year’s tax liability when they switched from another tax professional that didn’t understand the tax needs of freelancers, independent contractors and sole proprietors. With Millennial Tax’s continued growth, the firm has moved its Manhattan office to the bustling Falchi Building in Long Island City. With many growing companies choosing Queens, New York as their New York headquarters (e.g. Lyft, Russian-based Stolle Bakery to name a few), Ms. Bonelli, a Queens native, thought it would be ideal to make the firm easily accessible to these growing businesses and the independent contractors partnered with them. “Over 35% of the American workforce are either freelancers, independent contractors or solopreneurs. Tax professionals have to serve clients with the new worker and new tax changes in mind,” says Ms. Bonelli.

To serve the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware tristate area, Millennial Tax has also expanded to downtown Philadelphia’s beautiful Cira Center. With parking and transportation easily accessible, Millennial Tax meets with clients when it’s convenient for the client. The added bonus of working with Millennial Tax is since it’s a boutique tax firm, clients receive one on one service and don’t have to wait hours until it’s their turn.

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About Millennial Tax

Millennial tax provides tax preparation and education to freelancers, independent contractors and sole proprietors. The firm has grown significantly meeting the needs of solopreneurs by helping them understand tax savings and audit-proofing. “Our рhіlоѕорhу іѕ that рrераrеdnеѕѕ fuеlѕ profitability,” says Ms. Bonelli. “Our services аnd rеѕоurсеѕ ensure that our clients arе fullу рrераrеd, еmроwеrеd аnd еԛuірреd tо win аt ѕоlорrеnеurѕhір.”

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