Book by author Glenn Meyer explores effects of offshoring in the U.S.

Author and bankruptcy attorney Glenn Meyer has released a book that is the first published work to look at the empirical evidence of the effects of offshoring in the U.S.

An extensive read of over 650 pages, Offshoring: The Corporate Guide Map to 1984, makes the case that information and data being used to measure the number of jobs being offshored is incorrect at best. Readers are provided with overwhelming evidence that provides the opportunity to find out what is not happening.

Meyer contends that the government has no idea exactly how many jobs have been offshored and has made no substantive or meaningful effort to acquire such data. The ability to disincentivize offshoring would be quite easy to implement, it is just that the beneficiaries of offshoring will not allow it to occur, he says.

“With the new tax scheme passed, the financial collapse spiral will continue and accelerate. There will be a period of business euphoria and then the bag will be empty,” Meyer says. “The lower corporate tax rates will not be effective because many countries have corporate tax rates below the 21 percent rate and those that don’t will likely follow suit and begin a new race to the bottom. Nothing was done to effectively disincentivise offshoring in the United States.”

Job loss results in the loss of buyers in a buyer-driven economy, and is not favorable for labor or U.S. businesses, he says.

“The ‘ripple effect’ of the huge numbers of jobs lost has led to increased competition for the remaining jobs and downsizing by companies that no longer have hiring competition,” Meyer says.

As a bankruptcy attorney at Meyer Law Firm, LLC, Meyer has seen the effects of offshoring first-hand.

“One person had his entire office in a meeting to tell them they would all be earning $10 per hour, and anyone who did not agree could leave,” Meyer said. “Another person in sales said, again in front of an entire office of sales people, that the company did not care about experience and that they were receiving thousands of resumes.”

Meyer doesn’t believe that robotizing will bring jobs back since it can occur where the plants are located already.

“Nothing will change except the increase in the federal deficit,” he says. “A smaller government means a weaker government unable to counter the corporate rise in power. Everything that could be done wrong is.”

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