Milkbe Strollers, the new generation of baby strollers with auto braking system

Milkbe Strollers is the newly launched range of baby strollers that come with advanced features focusing on the needs of the baby and the parents. One of the most important features of this product is the auto braking system that stops the stroller from moving when the hands are released, even on an inclined surface. This feature helps in preventing the stroller from accidentally rolling down on a surface. The parents can also use the foot brake to stop the stroller from moving away while they’re managing some other work.

Milkbe has introduced a premium line of strollers that come with innovative features designed to make life a little easier for the new parents. It combines modern style, comfort, and safety to develop strollers that are most functional for parents and most comfortable for the babies. All the components of Milkbe stroller can be disassembled for easily carrying it around and reassembled easily within a few minutes.

The parents can fix the wheels into their places and attach the reversible option allows them to face the baby towards or away from them. It comes with dual shock absorbers that make the ride comfortable for the baby even on rough terrains and cracks. The parents can safely tuck in their baby by securing them with a seat belt and adjust the handle as per their comfort. The stroller also comes with a peek-a-boo section at the back through which the parents can interact with the baby from time to time.

Milkbe stroller comes with the revolutionary B-touch technology that instantly activates the auto-braking system when hands are released. Also, using the toggle feature the parents can turn the B-touch feature off and on to save battery. The company has also focused on making the stroller durable even after multiple and frequent uses. It can hold upto 121 lbs in weight. The adjustable footrest and seat allow the parents to adjust their baby’s seat upto a 170-degree position to provide ultimate comfort to the baby. When not in use, the stroller can be folded in one step to carry around easily.

Milkbe Stroller is using the patent pending auto brake and sensor B technology so that the parents never have to worry about their stroller moving even if they forget to set the brake. The stroller will soon be launching on Kickstarter where the backers can pre-order the same by contributing to the campaign.

More information about the product can be seen on and regular updates can be found on company’s Instagram Handle.

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