Mr. ESP, the wearable smart device provides meditation like effects to the brain

Mr. ESP is the newly launched smart device that comes with sensors to provide meditation like effects for boosting overall mental health. The device claims to increase brain activity, detect brain health, prevents ADHD and improves brain’s potential. It uses advanced technology to calm down the user and help them in focusing better to improve efficiency and learning.

In the modern times, a number of people suffer from stress, anxiety, and depressions, sometimes even without knowing it. Mental health is as important as physical health as it not only affects the brain but also the body in several ways. The newly launched Mr. ESP is designed to calming effects to the brain so that the user can rejuvenate them and show more efficiency in work. It’s a powerful multi-channel EEG brain wear that can teach the brain to refresh and work actively.

Mr. ESP is a safe and secure device with not harmful electrical signals or radiation. It is safe to be used by children and pregnant women alike. Its comfortable design, created using soft rubber makes it easy to wear for a long time and also easy to clean. After wearing, the user can turn on testing and mind control to explore the potentials of their brain. It’s a small and lightweight device that weighs only 10g, so it can be carried around anywhere. The device features Bluetooth wireless connection which is easy to operate and the user can charge it at any time.

Mr. ESP is developed by Bioblue Technologies, Beijing, who also provides a number of other hardware and software solutions to help the user in relaxing, meditating and performing yoga. Super Idea Ball is one such product that can show the state of mind during meditation and relaxation. The user can observe different reactions from the product as they get into different states of relaxation through meditation. They can use the meditation app that guides the user through meditation and provides a real-time record of relaxation data. The user can choose among various interactive relaxation guides.

For those working under huge pressure, the company presents the super EEG ball that can visualize the state of mind and suggests interactive relaxation method based on that. There is another fun yet useful product which is the mind-controlled racing cars. The user can move the racing cars through their minds. The higher the concentration level of the user, the more will be the chances of them winning the race with their friends. Mind cars are not only fun but also prevent hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. 

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