Miami-based start-up \”SOP Technologies\” introduces new technologies to stop stormwater pollution

Stormwater filters help stop contaminants like plastics and toxic chemicals, which pose threats to the environment and human health

SOP Technologies introduces new technologies, designed to help prevent contaminants like plastics, toxic chemicals and other materials from causing pollution and floods. The company’s patented stormwater filters allow rainwater to flow at a high rate while also stopping pollutants from flowing into pipes and finding their way to the sea. The filters allow cities to easily prevent pollution and street floods by preventing debris from getting into the pipes and drainage systems. More information about the products and uses are available on the website at 

“Plastic bottles, plastic bags, and other contaminants from consumer waste find their way to the sea causing serious health and environmental concerns for man and sea animals. Our stormwater filters are designed as a simple and yet effective technology to prevent these pollutants. Cities keep filters clean as part of their regular maintenance efforts to fight pollution, reduce costs and prevent street flooding due to clogged pipes,” said Emilio Lopez, CEO, and co-founder of SOP Technologies.

Most cities around the world have a hard time dealing with debris, contaminants, toxic chemicals and other pollutants that find their way into the stormwater system. Pollution ends up in streams, lakes, rivers, wetlands, and coastal waters. Non-profits and government agencies like the EPA promote public awareness and volunteer opportunities to highlight these issues. The stormwater filters are technology solutions to help reduce pollution, prevent floods and reduce the cost of managing stormwater.

SOP Technologies offers products like the Curb Inlet Filters since 2011, Catch Basin Filters to capture debris in new or existing infrastructure, and Filter Baskets to place under stormwater grates for easy maintenance. The company also offers custom designs for large filter structures to be used in outfalls and other locations.

“The filter does what it is designed to do; all debris is collected at the inlet, keeping it out of the basin”, said a Public Works Director and customer.

Caring for the environment is not enough. Public Works Directors and Stormwater Engineers need to find cost-conscious ways to address the pollution issues and keep cities and water bodies free of harmful contaminants. SOP Technologies’ stormwater filters are the solution to this problem.

About SOP Technologies
SOP Technologies is a company committed to keeping the environment safe by introducing technologies that are cost-effective. Their stormwaters filters have been tested, proven to deliver results and are protected under U.S. Patent No. 8,017,006. For more information, please visit their website at

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