To satisfy customer requests, the Yochi-Yochi 3-in-1 Baby & Toddler Safety Harness is released on with 2 additional designs.

Atlanta, GA. 8 February, 2017 – Lucky Baby World, a full-service baby carriers and accessories development company dedicated to identifying, designing, and manufacturing baby carrying products that will make every child safer and more secure in a variety of traveling scenarios, this week proudly announced they have released two designs for their revolutionary product: The YochiYochi Portable High Chair.

Borne from a passion for developing innovative, safe, and portable baby carrying products that makes it easier for all single, entrepreneurial, and on-the-go parents to keep on with their daily schedules, Lucky Baby World knows every parent has a demanding schedule and wants high quality products for keeping their babies happy and healthy.

“YochiYochi is a handy accessory for many parents because of its versatility and size – babies can be securely strapped to almost any size and style of chair,” said Gioula Chelten, Founder and Owner of Lucky Baby World. “Additionally, because of its small size, moms can keep it in their purses throughout the day and whip them out at restaurants, on public transportation, and in new travel settings.”

The YochiYochi works with a streamlined approach to baby securement. Simply strap on and place the baby or toddler in the chair. Adjust the straps to ensure the child is firmly secured. Once that is completed, the baby is all set and ready for transportation or adjustment in his or her newfound seat. All spills and messes made on the straps can be wiped or put in any kind of washing machines for stain removal. 

Designed to be a year round product, the YochiYochi is created with light, breathable fabric that won’t cause any rashes or irritation. It is quickly machine washable, and developed with durability in mind, so babies can spill all they want on the innovative straps.

“This product literally turns any baby into a ‘portable baby’ and makes any kind of seating arrangement baby-friendly for parents in new settings,” said Gioula Chelten. “Now, parents can travel wherever they want, and never have to worry about the safety of their child. Spread the word on the availability of our two new designs, and head on over to our Amazon listing to get a better view of Baby & Toddler Safety Harness.”

The two new designs available for parents include The Patriot which portrays the USA flag, and The Hearts, which has a pattern of hearts. Both designs are unisex.

Founded by a passionate mother, Gioula, Lucky Baby World strives to provide modern parents with babywearing and child safety solutions that have been used by cultures for thousands of years. The company works hard to produce new products frequently for keeping all parents happy and moveable for the year ahead.

For more information, visit the YochiYochi Portable High Chair listing on Amazon, or the company website Lucky Baby World.

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