Melanie Channell Set to Launch a New Online Course titled “The Numbers Speak – More Healing and Guidance” This Summer

On July 6, 2021, Melanie Channell will launch her second online course dubbed “The Numbers Speak – More Healing and Guidance.” It is third in “The Numbers Speak” series by Melanie, a Certified Numerologist and Tarot Reader

Melanie released her first online course, “The Numbers Speak – Learning to Use Numbers for Healing and Guidance,” on July 1, 2020. Her book titled “The Numbers Speak – A Journey of Healing and Guidance,” was launched on March 26, 2021. Certified Numerologist and Tarot Reader, Melanie Channell has announced the launch of a new online course, The Numbers Speak – More Healing and Guidance.

“The Numbers Speak – More Healing and Guidance” is the second online course by Melanie Channell, which is designed to expand the inward journey of attendees through their numerology blueprint while teaching them how to neutralize and rebalance their pinnacles, challenges, and major life cycles. The online course also features sessions on how to clear karmic debt and examples on how to recognize and understand the numbers guides and angels place in the path of humans.

“You can experience profound change and guidance in your life from learning how to trust and experience what numbers tell you,” says Melanie Channell. “A life purpose reading can help you tap into your core strengths and work on releasing your limitations. It can propel you into the life you are meant to live on purpose,” she added.

Through her background as a certified numerologist, Melanie has created The Numbers Speak series to help transform and heal the inner self. She teaches how to calculate the numerology blueprint and offers tools to rebalance people’s lives. The first online course and the book incorporate exercises to balance energy through numerology core numbers, color therapy, crystal healing, meditations, and affirmations. In addition, Melanie takes readers on a journey on how she went through the year 2020 while showing them how to recognize and interpret number messages.

The book “The Numbers Speak – A Journey of Healing and Guidance” by Melanie Channell is available for purchase on Amazon. 

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Classes for Melanie’s new course begin on July 6, 2021, and are open to people between the ages of 25 and 65 and interested in spirituality and metaphysics.

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About Melanie Channell 

Melanie Channell is an author, tarot life coach, numerologist, Reiki Master, Chios energy healing teacher, crystal healer, and angel healer. She has been certified in over 50 energy healing modalities. She is the author of “The Numbers Speak – A Journey of Healing and Guidance through Numbers” and is a co-author of three Amazon best-selling anthology books.

Melanie excels at guiding people through life’s challenges, releasing stuck patterns that no longer serve them, and assisting them in finding their life purpose. She also serves as co-organizer for the Psychic Enhancement Meet Up Group in Sacramento, CA.

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