Mega Uptime Shields Online Businesses from Downtime Issues through Secure and Reliable Monitoring

What’s the value of a website? In terms of function to a business, websites serve a variety of purposes. At its most basic purpose, a website provides marketing value.

In today’s world where people are always connected and always online, websites serve both as the proverbial store signage and virtual estate. Websites provide web presence – enabling internet users to find businesses, organizations, and people. But websites have evolved far beyond using the internet as something of a global online classifieds.

Aside from marketing, businesses are carrying out increasing portions of their operations on their websites. A website may be the interface for a business to communicate with its clients or an avenue for customer support. Many businesses use websites for data handling, logistics and distribution, project management, and internal communications. And for online businesses like e-Commerce websites, the website is the business. This is where core aspects of the business, if not all its operations, depend entirely on websites.

If we’re talking about a website’s value, most experts put a price range over time. A website could be valued anywhere between $1,000 to a few hundred thousand dollars per month. How experts arrive at such a wide-ranging evaluation depends on the nature of the website and the methodology used for evaluation. Relatively obscure websites that simply provide web presence or domain ownership are probably rated low and account for only the cost of their design, construction, and upkeep.

On the other hand, business sites like e-commerce websites are rated higher based on their sales history, revenue potential, inbound traffic estimates, search ranking, and so on. Most small business websites are valued at around $20,000 a month.

As indicated, the value of a website is its function over time. When putting up a website, uptime performance is a critical consideration in choosing a web hosting service. A web host is largely responsible for a website’s availability on the internet. Large internet conglomerates usually own the hardware infrastructure that enables their websites to exist on the internet. On the other hand, smaller businesses depend on third-party service providers.

No web host can provide perfect uptime service. Most guarantee the industry average of 99.95% uptime dependability. It’s close to perfect but is it enough? The chance of 0.05% downtime sounds like favorable odds and even if it happens, the duration seems too minuscule to matter. But is it really that small and insignificant?

For larger enterprises that have high transaction operations over their websites, such as those of financial services, it’s easy to imagine that even a minute of downtime can cause them millions. For smaller businesses, a minute of downtime may cost a few 100 dollars a minute. If downtimes are dispersed throughout the length of the hosting service time, small businesses can buffer the losses.

But the reality is, service failures are not dispersed. Often, they are events lasting more than a minute. Considering that web hosting services give uptime ratings as annual service performance, a 0.05% chance of downtime can translate to almost 30 minutes of website malfunction in a year. Half an hour of downtime can potentially ruin a small business.

So the most important question is: how can businesses, especially smaller ones, protect themselves from catastrophic downtime when choosing an excellent web hosting provider is not enough? The answer is uptime monitoring services. And among uptime monitoring service providers, one name has been known to provide secure and reliable uptime service and that is Mega Uptime.

Mega Uptime shows that web hosting downtime doesn’t appear out of the blue. Before they happen, Mega Uptime will be able to pick up the signs and symptoms leading to downtime. Mega Uptime can monitor inbound web traffic and network conditions, web hosting server functions, key web site performance metrics like load times, script resolutions, and other APIs.

Mega Uptime uses intelligent algorithms to detects these items and determine if there’s a potential downtime brewing. Its special reporting function will alert client business owners and their assigned web administrators to quickly address service issues and cut down downtime duration. It can even alert about potential issues before they happen.

Mega Uptime is a partner in security for web-based businesses and has proven itself indispensable in monitoring the performance of web hosting services. For more information about Mega Uptime’s services, visit For inquiries, email

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