Meet heroes with Berry Club NFT & mint today for free

Berry Club, an innovative metaverse & NFT platform, and its $BCB token developed on the Klaytn blockchain – the open-source public blockchain that delivers performance, decentralization, scalability, and interoperability for builders –  have now launched and are bridging the gap between celebrities and non-celebrities, creating a new community built around 10,000 NFT profile pictures. Potential investors can check out which celebrities are involved in the project via the gallery

This exciting new project has some serious and lucrative tokenomics for holders: half the total supply (five hundred million) is reserved exclusively for staking rewards, and the NFTs are separated into three separate groups that enable access to these rewards:

  • Common – reward 20 a day and can be acquired via sale & mint

  • Genesis – reward 100 a day and must be acquired via breed functionality 

  • Booster – reward 150 a day and can be purchased from the Random Box 

Pre-sale & Dutch Minting the NFTs for this project is free for everyone and can be done by clicking the mint now button on the website, the link for which is below.  

Berry Club’s roadmap is very exciting, and includes a giftcoin drop to NFT holders, a Berry Club game that utilises Berry Cash ($BCB) and an eventual Berry Club v2 metaverse!

NFT holders can stake their NFTs for rewards or breed multiple common NFTs for a chance at a rarer Genesis NFT.

These staking rewards that can be claimed simply by clicking the claim button can be used to purchase a Random Box for 500 $BCB, and receive 3% cashback, in exchange for a chance to win a booster NFT and earn even more rewards per day. 

Aidrops will be held every Monday via the project’s Discord. There will be a total of 10,000 NFTs whereby 8000 are common and the rest are much rarer with more lucrative rewards for those that purchase, hold and stake them. 

About Berry Club:

Berry Club is an NFT (PFP) project which allows you to communicate with various celebrities in the Metaverse World. This project publishes 10,000 PFP stars based on the Klaytn blockchain and comprises a community membership form created with both celebrity and NFT holders. Join us on a new journey in the Berry Club community, which begins on Metaverse!





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