Meet Arjun Dhingra: Mortgage Adviser and Two Time Taekwon-Do World Champion

Meet Arjun Dhingra: Mortgage Adviser and Two Time Taekwon-Do World Champion

As a Co-Head Coach for Team USA’s Taekown-Do Team, Arjun Dhingra is no stranger to guiding people to success. Having won two gold medals in World Championships during his competing years, he remains very connected to the art, using the synergies between business and training that can be applied to dealing with clients and fights on their behalf.

Along with his success on the mat, Arjun has spent the past 19 years serving clients as a licensed mortgage banker. In his own words, there is a big difference between loan officers and actual advisors in the industry, and he has gained traction as the latter. “Much of our industry is commoditized, and people who work in it submit much to that,” he explains. “I consider myself to be more than that and understand that a mortgage is not just about interest rate, but actually strategy. So, positioning myself as an advisor and someone who helps manage ‘debt’ instead of just a licensed paper-pusher is how I consider myself different.”

On paper, mortgage banking and coaching Taekwon-Do could not be more different. However, Arjun argues that there are more similarities than one might think. “The business is perfect confluence with another part of my life, which is getting to coach Team USA’s TaeKwon-Do team,” he says. “You serve, guide, advise, and stay connected to your clients and athletes – all the same.”

This connection with his clients has allowed Arjun to rise to the top of both of his industries. While he was initially motivated by the limitless earning potential mortgage banking offers, it is the people that have kept him inspired for nearly two decades. “The ‘serving’ is huge,” he notes. “Too many people get into business to make money, not help others. If you can create a business that is addressing a pain point or a problem, and you are offering a solution… that is step number one. Then stick to it and don’t allow the end-game or profits to take over your execution. Help more, serve more, assist more, and the money part will take care of itself.”

Although Arjun finds his greatest enjoyment in helping his clients to achieve, build, and grow ownership, he also acknowledges that this can be one of his greatest challenges. “In my business, I build lasting relationships, and I want to help everyone to no end. But that is just not realistic and that can be very difficult to realize,” he says.

So, how does Arjun define success in his business? “Overcoming the fear that your desired outcome won’t come to fruition, or attaining a moment, or period of growth. That is success. Keep stacking these on top of one another and you cannot lose.”

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