Meet Amercia Morris: The Quintessential Author And Content Creator Taking the World By Storm

Meet Amercia Morris: The Quintessential Author And Content Creator Taking the World By Storm

Amercia Morris Has Done it again with the immense success of her first Self-Published novella Planet Nooky “an extraordinary story” critics have described Planet Nooky as “this concept is fresh and unexplored” she has decided to carry on the Nooky theme and Self Publish Blooms of Nooky. She has received Nothing less than Five star reviews from Readers. Blooms of Nooky is a Novel that is sure to keep your attention and wanting more.

During interviews host have said “of all the Authors I have interviewed this is one of the most interesting ideas for a book”. Blooms of Nooky and Planet Nooky was Created to Foster an environment of healing from the effects of trauma. Amercia Morris is an author and content creator who was brought up in the city of Buffalo, New York and graduated From City Honors High School she also received a degree in Social Sciences from Erie Community College.

Amercia has always been an advocate for herself and those around her. Today she is the creator of the Planet Nooky platform that includes a blog, and show which all are a spinoff of her first fantasy novella Planet Nooky.

Amercia has always loved writing since being a shy Child she used writing as her way to express herself, In Highschool she discovered poetry which allowed her to find her voice, since then Amercia spent time perfecting her craft and achieve her goals of assisting others who can relate. Amercia has freelanced for various online magazines and blogs. Amercia Morris is not the type of person who can be easily categorized in a few written notes.

She can be best described as a multi-talented go-getter who identifies numerous opportunities and successfully grabs them immediately. Her education and life journey have provided her with a unique set of skills that has allowed her to be an innovator, as described by her peers.

Previously she was a supporter of and volunteer for Community Organizations within the Masten District of Buffalo The Restore Program, RAINN, The GevaTheatre. Today, she spends her time between her home in Buffalo and Atlanta Ga.

With the iconic success, Amercia Morris has garnered much respect and recognition. An epic axiom ‘hard work pays off’ has been an inspiration. Yet, she aspires to achieve more.It is her wish to create a community where we see the true value in our bodies and relationships and use what we have been given to heal each other and not to hurt. She is hopeful that this will enable her to expand nationwide/worldwide and have hubs of little Planet Nooky in all corners of the globe.

You can contact or follow Amercia Morris at:

Instagram: @Planet_nooky

Facebook: Exquisitemercyllc

Twitter: Amercia Morris

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