Mary from the Sky mesmerizes with her voice in her new single ‘Never Forget’

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Mary from the Sky captivates with her voice in her new single “Never Forget” From thinking that she would die before her 20th birthday, to being intimidated by her unique appearance, and finally discovering her true strength, the artist ‘Mary from the Sky’ has come a long way.

All the difficult things she has suffered and the almost impossible situations she has overcome have only made her a better person and made her a true artist. Her latest single “Never Forget” unleashes his fierce personality and fascinating voice. It is a Spanish Hip Hop and Rap song produced by herself that features the voices of Mary and other artists such as Danger in the Choirs (daughter of Black DJ), Jan Alenó, La Mixta, Ian Amill, and Hery with Ache. With wonderful rhythms that marked time, the song was released just a few weeks ago on

Mary developed an interest in music during her childhood, thanks to her father, who was an amateur singer and guitarist. She is very passionate about her trade and constantly works to improve it. She says: “Music is everything to me, the frequencies, the sounds of nature have entered my brain and restructured new neural networks with the harmony of the spheres. Through my songs and other songs, I was able to survive the fear of death. It is the way home.”

She used to learn all the songs that her father sang with his guitar and, although her father is in the last phase of his life and can no longer “play”, she is glad to have lived all those beautiful memories with him. “From a young age I knew that I wanted to be an artist, a singer and I wanted to be in all kinds of free music and arts classes,” adds Mary. She also believes that to succeed in anything in life, one must have a big heart, a backpack to store the beautiful and a garbage bag for the ugly and move on with more dreams than the previous ones. Speaking of her life so far, Mary says: “I don’t want to have to repeat my past, but I don’t regret almost anything because I learned too much, and I thank God for that opportunity that gave me birth and has let me live a healthy and valuable life. Therefore, to be a powerful being of light. ” Currently, Mary is working as an independent artist but if the correct label appears, she would surely like to collaborate with them.

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