Market Overview: Nutritional Supplement Industry in Brazil

Market Overview: Nutritional Supplement Industry in Brazil

Brazil’s top Nutritional supplement companies experiencing growth despite pandemic.

Sao Paolo, Brazil – The top nutritional supplements companies in Brazil continue to grow and expand in remarkable ways. In total, the top five Brazilian vitamin companies achieved a 10% growth in its production in 2019.

The national industry has been growing at an accelerated rate in recent years. The positive numbers and the potential of the nutritional supplement market are related to several key factors including: 

  • Innovation in the manufacturing
  • Consistent launch of new products which meets various consumer demands
  • The investment by top companies in offering nutritional security to the consumer

Nutritional supplement industry is highly competitive in Brazil as the company stands out as a country with a hyper-fitness culture. Data shows that there is an annual net increase in the number of gyms that open. Brazil has about 31,800 gyms distributed from north to south, with 7,952 million active accounts. Brazil is the second country with the largest number of gyms per inhabitant and second country with the most Cross-fit affiliates in the world.

Additional factors that have increased revenue for nutritional supplement industry is a noticeable change in consumer behavior. Life expectancy of the population and the regulation of supplements in the country has increased which consequently opened space for greater production and better quality.

In 2019 there were five top industry leader brands including:

  • Sunflower Industria
  • A LP Farmaceutica
  • EPN Brasil Ltda.
  • Ada Industria
  • Sinmax Industria

Brazil’s robust vitamin retail is thriving despite increased online purchases, Brazil has more than 8 thousand points of sale just in the metropolitan areas of the country. For all its success, the Brazilian nutritional supplement industry still has a lot of potential given its large youth population and vast natural resources. 

By: Joao Tapia

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