Marcel Castellano; The Multitalented Latino Artist who is Conquering The International Industry.


During the first semester of 2023, Marcel Castellano has demonstrated an exceptional focus in his career as a model, photographer, artist, makeup artist, and fashion designer, earning well-deserved recognition in the industry as an outstanding international professional. His dedication and talent have captured the attention of important fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour, who have invited him to be part of their covers, thus acknowledging his multifaceted profile. Marcel Castellano, in addition to his already recognized trajectory, is committed to bringing his fashion brand to life, which will bring a fresh, disruptive proposal with a focus on emotions as a vehicle for dressing.


The industry has enthusiastically embraced his unique vision, leading to his personal brand gaining wide acceptance both nationally and internationally. Marcel Castellano’s passion for sustainable art is also reflected in his current projects. One of them is his first major project called Culture Tribute, which has made a significant impact with its first photograph published in PhotoVogue. This project aims to merge all his talents and create a bridge between fashion and sustainable art, conveying a message of environmental awareness and social commitment. During the second semester of 2023, Marcel Castellano is preparing for his exciting debut on the runways of NYFW in the United States. For a month, living in New York, he will work tirelessly for this significant event, where he will leave an indelible mark. Subsequently, he will bring his Latin essence to Europe, standing out on iconic stages such as Milan and Paris. Marcel, as a great Latin hero, demonstrates, with every step he takes, the talent and perseverance that elevate Latin America to the highest level. These events will provide him with the opportunity to expand his influence, collaborate with other outstanding talents, and take his brand and message to international audiences eager for his energy and creativity.


Great projects are currently under development for Marcel Castellano this year, and with his avant-garde vision and commitment to sustainable art, he is making a powerful impact in the industry. His presence and continuous growth will generate a lasting impact.


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Company Name: Marcel Castellano
Contact Person: Paola Lozano (Personal Assistant)
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Phone: +1 (213) 295-8620
Country: Mexico