Malaysian Sexagenarian launches online platform to promote the Farm-Sharing Model

Malaysian retiree and experienced home farmer, Mr. AC Ang, announces the launch of Homee Farming, an online home farming platform designed based on the farm-sharing model

Mr. AC Ang is a retired Malaysian home farmer that is looking to leverage technology and the internet to promote his passion for home farming and help others harness the immense features and benefits of the model. The experienced home farmer recently launched Homee Farming, a user-friendly online platform to help home farmers sell their produce and get good value for them.

Farm shares have become increasingly popular in recent times, helping consumers to get fresh healthy food while supporting local farmers and food systems. Malaysian retiree, Mr. AC Ang, is taking the model a notch higher by bringing the innovative farming solution closer to both the farmers and the consumers.

The founder of Homee Farming has been doing subsistence home farming together with his family members for years. The new platform focuses on home farmers, help them get more from just planting healthy organic food for self-consumption. In addition to helping farmers monetize their produce, Mr. AC Ang also adds that Homee Farming can also serve as a family-centric platform. “The platform allows users to connect with one another, and it can also help strengthen family bonds with a common goal”.

Homee Farming is coming at the best possible time, considering the disruption of logistic service caused by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The platform will help to solve the problem of food shortage resulting from the difficulty of traditional farm or wholesalers to deliver crops to consumers. Homee Farming will also help to reduce the effect of any disaster with a decentralized home farm network to meet the needs of lovers of healthy and organic food.

In line with the startup’s goal of leveraging technology to promote healthy eating and living, Homee Farming is currently developing its food supply locator system to predict areas with food shortage problems. The data-driven approach will be used to allocate the supply to different areas. In a similar vein, Homee Farming is collaborating with a local healthy juice brand, Red Power, to produce home-farmed fruit juice to serve the public.

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