MailXaminer Version 4.8.2 Released with Major Updates and Feature Extensions

Declaring the release of MailXaminer 4.8.2 version brings new hope of process perfection to the email investigation industry. Tool brings the updated list of features that includes support to Skype database, PDF Bates Numbering, Time Line Analysis, Link Analysis of search results etc. Tool is now capable for evidence analysis, establish relationships and generate report in format admissible in court of law.

Gothenburg, September 6, 2016: SysTools MailXaminer Version 4.8.2 is launched with major updates and multiple user friendly features. MailXaminer, the premium standard in digital email investigation process, has unveiled its updated version 4.8.2 that includes support for “Skype” Database, CSV Header Settings, Time Line Analysis of Search Results and Improved Export Performance etc. as well as, becomes Section 508 compliant, pertaining to US Law instructing online access of any software application for disabled community.

What’s New in MailXaminer 4.8.2 Version? – An Overview of Its New Capabilities

  1. Support for ‘E01’ and ‘DD’ Multiple Partition
  2. Skype Database Support – Facility to view All Chats, Calls & SMS from Skype data
  3. 64 Bit application support enhanced
  4. Improved PDF export settings
  5. Added PDF Bates Numbering Facility
  6. Customized Naming Convention
  7. Time Line Analysis of Search Results
  8. Search within Subsets of Search Options
  9. Link Analysis of Search Results
  10. Improvised Export Performance
  11. Broadened CSV Header Settings
  12. Made 508 Compliance

“At SysTools, we focus on simplifying technology. We made MailXaminer to simplify the email investigation procedures but not compromising the perfection of the process. Track record of court acceptance, higher level of performance and customized flexibility in dealing any digital email investigation are all the feathers of satisfaction in our hat. Through years of experience working side by side by industry professionals, we understand the power of data and need of powerful solutions to carve artifacts from digital evidences.” said Natasha Lockhart, VP Business Development. MailXaminer digs the right data and present it in the right format. Now, the updated 4.8.2 edition brings many features that makes it a complete solution for email investigation. Search within subset of search results will be of great help for users who deal with bulk emails. It helps to streamline the search result more close to the exact search. This enhanced software release brings in real-time efficiency in user effort to analyze email evidence. Another notable feature of this MailXaminer Version 4.8.2 release, is its updated PDF Settings that channelize report submission effectively. MailXaminer version 4.8.2 includes few new features that minimize the time to detect and search evidence, export evidence it to multiple formats, manage the report generated and deal with unknown evidence hidden inside the emails of selected email account.”

Many features with the updated edition of this powerful email investigation tool helps the investigator to tackle critical problems they face while trying to carve evidence out from the email ID and account captured.

Major Product Updates Brought Out by MailXaminer Version 4.8.2!

Earlier versions of MailXaminer also was highly appreciated and accepted by the government agencies & law enforcement divisions worldwide for digital forensics investigations, email evidence analysis and e-discovery practices.  The different spheres of email investigation revolving major business management problems, are addressed perfectly by the prominent email forensics tool from SysTools. For any email investigation to be successful, 3 major components are always expected: Speed of the Investigation Process, Visibility of Evidence and Admissibility of Report. Not only these mandatory facilitates but also additional features to streamline every kind of email data discovery is promised by MailXaminer.  Unlike other digital forensics solutions, the updated version of the tool help you to bring out the best possible results rather than assuming and concluding the email analysis process. The greater depth and profundity for eDiscovery process by MailXaminer is made possible through the multiple features added time to time within the tool. Here are few qualities of the product for user reference:

  1. Extended support to 20+ email clients.
  2. Successfully covers 80+ email clients & 750+ MIME Types.
  3. Examine emails from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Exchange server, iCloud, Office365, Live@EDU, and Rackspace etc.
  4. eM ClientZimbra, Zoho, hMailServerKerio Connect, MDaemon Server, KMailMaildirand Dovecot Zimbra Server etc. supported to examine the evidence.
  5. E01, DD, and DMG file formats supported to analyze and investigate data available.
  6. Live Exchange server mailbox data analysis without Exchange server downtime.
  7. Keyword based search to find evidence from bulk of emails.
  8. MD5 hash value and forensics email header analysis possible.
  9. Recover deleted email messages from any selected email accounts.
  10. Intelligent Link Analysis mechanism to establish connection among multiple suspects.
  11. Advance Skin Tone Algorithm to detect obscene/pornographic images within emails.
  12. Powerful algorithms to analyze image’s EXIF details associated with Image GEO Location Mapping feature.
  13. Auto tagging feature as per available categories following rules, filter and other patterns.
  14. Complete information about available email data provided in Dashboard View.
  15. Team Collaboration feature for easiness of sharing investigation process within teams from different location.
  16. Export investigation report to PDF, CSV or HTML format
  17. Case Repository feature for case study and historic reference of evidence collected.
  18. Can convert emails from 80+ email clients to PDF, EML, MSG, PST, CSV and Concordance file formats.
  19. View emails in RTF and HTML format displaying email property, email attachment, email body content etc.
  20. Carve artifacts buried inside terabytes of data with ease.


MailXaminer assists not only in law enforcement investigations, but also to handle breach detection, sensitive email data analysis, employee investigation and regulatory compliance like complex process where email data is involved.

“Announcing MailXaminer version 4.8.2 – The only Email investigation tool to leverage sensitive email examination with confidence. Collective expertise of our developer dominion enhance the performance rate of our products and MailXaminer is not an exemption in this matter.” Said Jude Aloysius, Sr. Architect, Product Development Team. MailXaminer is made capable to deal with data across servers, email clients and even from the cloud environment. Criminal investigations are always complex and if suitable tools are not associated with the investigation process, it is going to be tougher. MailXaminer helps investigator to carry out email investigation without breaking a sweat. Updated version is going to be a right hand for people who work with digital documents from cross platforms. Time Line Analysis of Search Results is one of my choice in the new version of the tool, as it display emails, email attachments, chats, calls, calendar, SMS, documents etc. across a time span. Mandatory update of making the tool section 508 compliance is also a great achievement. Now user can do all the operations mentioned through keyboard, and it will help differently abled user community to explore the features provided without any trouble.”


Unmatched Performance by MailXaminer with Other Products of Similar Functionalities

MailXaminer 4.8.2 is all set to be titled as the best in class of email investigation tools. The ability to identify, categorize, search and export evidence from email clients across platforms popularize this outstanding post investigation email evidence reporter online.  Only MailXaminer helps user to see those hidden hints of evidence from the web/desktop email clients. Tool empowers, the Digital Forensics email investigation investigators to dig out everything and anything from almost all those popular email clients and thus MailXaminer is declared as the unmatched performer in its domain of email data analysis and investigation.

Conclusion: MailXaminer 4.8.2is now available online. For more information on upgrades, pricing and purchase please contact support team or request for software quotation by providing your contact details here

About Company: SysTools provides mission critical foundation to the data recovery and risk management industry. MailXaminer is their signature product and the finest contribution to the complex digital forensics investigation domain.With the release of new version 4.8.2 MailXaminer now became the most prominent email investigation tool supporting 80+ email platforms across web, desktop and cloud structure. 

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