Followone Open Doors to both Foreign and Local Investors

USA– Nowadays, finding a potentially successful small business venture to invest in can be very tasking, the economy, and a lot of other influencing factors are the rocks behind this. Followone is a place where investors are welcomed to make it easier, faster and affordable to achieve success in small ventures. Followone is an online web and app platform that offers investors the chance to invest in businesses, brands built by professionals while they watch them team grow and also benefit from being stakeholders of the growing firms.

The Followone Company has also announced the addition of more experienced Software Engineers. According to the Director, the software Engineers are coming from Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile and many other and other very active e-commerce site. Followone is also raising additional capital of $5 million for new development and for funding the addition of new employees.

Followone features a vast array of product categories to browse or upload products, sell and invest in, from clothes and apparel, education, training, engineering, restaurants, manufacturing, medical and real estate to rental, non-profit, computers, retail and filmmaking. The wide range and richness of the categories along with the social media features make this online marketplace a truly unique service.

The CEO of Followone said ”We are super excited to have a team in our office with over ten years experience at Microsoft and e-commerce industry. We are a software company, and our goal is to search and develop new ideas that will be revolutionary to the world.”

About Followone

Followone-Media is an online and app platform that help businesses grow through e-commerce networking with the help of social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Craigslist and others. Both the website and the app create a shopping mall-like experience, allowing each user to profit and grow from visitors, prospects, and customers.


Media Contact
Company Name: Followone
Contact Person: Mike Pena
Country: United States