Mafooly Launches Mathlingo – A Fun and Interesting Way of Learning Math For Kids

Mafooly is proud to announce the launch of Mathlingo, a fun and interesting way of learning math for kids. They hope that it will help children love and appreciate math better.

The creator and owner of Mathlingo know all too well how some kids tend to be disinterested with math. There are also others who have a hard time understanding mathematical concepts. This inspired them to come up with an app like Mathlingo that opens a whole new world of math for children.

The goal of Mathlingo is to help children grow and develop properly through fun experiences and hands-on learning. It is ideal for all parents who want to provide their children with an educational app that will support their development and learning.

To access all the activities, games, and more, users can opt into a free trial that will provide them free access to all content of the app. Users who don’t wish to continue with the subscription can cancel the subscription before the end of their trial and they will not be charged.

As of now, Mafooly continues to do more improvements on the app to provide more benefits to children. It is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With the features of Mathlingo, it is expected that children will enjoy learning and have fun at the same time.

About Mathlingo

Mathlingo is a new app available in Apple Store and Play Store that makes learning math an interesting and fun experience like no other. This is a fun early learning game for kindergarteners and preschoolers for them to get a good head start in addition, counting, subtraction, matching skills, and shapes. Kindergarteners and preschoolers can also learn math skills for numbers up to 5 and then up to 10, together with shape and geometry skills.

Its fun ocean animals are also there to help make kids realize that learning math is fun. Mathlingo app can be used both in the classroom and at home to make learning math possible anywhere, anytime.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, please do not hesitate to check them out in the Apple store or the play store.

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