Madera Superior Court of California verifies Emily Galilahi Jugashvili as the relative of Joseph Stalin

Madera Superior Court of California verifies Emily Galilahi Jugashvili, a political activist, researcher and Native American as the relative of Joseph Stalin.

Emily Galilahi Jugashvili is a political activist, researcher, Native American on her mother’s side, related to Joseph Stalin on her father’s side (her first cousin by the fourth generation), and transgender.

Emily is a public figure and has met with backlash which varies from people slandering her, editing documents against her, and creating fake accounts to pretend to be her and therefore used to mock her. It became very overwhelming that she had to ask the court to intervene regarding her genealogy.

“As a political activist, people really need to stop attacking me to discredit me”, she said. “People may slander me, but the truth is right in your faces. I’m happy that the court has granted my name and gender change, but I’m also happy that they verified my family relations.” However, there are many family members who are unhappy about this. Jacob Jugashvili (great grandson of Joseph Stalin) said, “I’ve talked with the courts. I’ve talked with the church. They verify her documentation, but I’m not comfortable with an 18-year-old transgender person being around my family.”

The Georgian Orthodox Church were the ones to release the original documentation to Emily. “We understand the frustration, but abandoning family is not the solution,” they said. Emily, however, doesn’t let the hostility affect her.

“I was human, I am human now, being transgender doesn’t make me any less human. Why do people now care about my gender when they didn’t before I came out? Why do people speak about me and shout my name at me in the street? One of the first things you learn as a child is that: ‘You must always be yourself, no matter what anybody else thinks.’ But the one thing society always forgets to mention is that they don’t really mean it. Or rather they do – but conditionally. Meaning, you can be yourself… as long as it fits their perception of what is socially acceptable. I hate it when people refer to me as a trans girl. I’m not a trans girl, I’m just a girl. Why do I need to specify that I used to be a boy when I never was? I’ve always been a girl. Sometimes I forget I was born differently than what I feel. People might think that’s nice to forget you’re transgender and you just feel like you were born the right way, in the right body. But honestly, I think it makes it so much harder. I am a girl, but for the first time I can begin to say that I am glad that I was a boy. As a boy I felt forever trapped in an empty, if skillful, performance of masculinity. In becoming a girl I was liberated into myself, a self that was hard-won and fought for; a self that learnt to play with gender roles, practices and began to discover moments of peace. Willingness to be reconciled with the fractures and lack of simplicity in myself was crucial to that process. To become a girl was a step away from power and status and, yet, I am glad beyond words that I am a girl. But, though it is still very difficult to acknowledge, I am surprised to discover that I’m also glad that I was a boy.” Emily said.

Emily went on saying, “We must all give and receive leadership from each other. Communism can be won only through armed struggle by masses of workers, soldiers, students and others, to destroy the dictatorship of the capitalist class and set up a dictatorship of the working class.”

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