Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 Opens up a New World to Its Users

Without getting outside and challenging themselves, people never know how wonderful the world is. Now, Airwheel smart helmet accompany its users to explore the world.

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What can a helmet do apart from protecting the head? Airwheel smart helmet C5 can give the answer, a lot more than that. Convenience is the main reason why the gadget has become a big hit on the market.

Airwheel C5

Now single-purpose devices are not that welcome in any industry. People wish to take the least things that can exhibit maximized functions when getting outside. Thus they prefer versatile gadgets. In this respect, Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 deserves the reputation, since it has successfully integrate the functions of cameras and phones. C5 is inserted with a high-performance camera lens which can restore real vision. It can capture the most vivid scenery outside and record the most precious moments in the journey. When sky divers are dropped from the helicopters, they don’t need to take a digital camera to record the striking experience. Wearing an Airwheel C5, the hands are totally freed and every detail is taken down. C5 can present a wide 150° view and impeccable visual experience. The max internal storage is 128G. When people connect C5 to indoor network hot spot, the built-in Wi-Fi modules enable users to share the videos to friends via social media.

intelligent helmet

In cases like cycling on the roads, when there’s a phone call, riders need to stop to pick up the phone or it may be dangerous to answer phone with one hand holding the device. Now, Airwheel color intelligent helmet spares them the trouble. C5 can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Push the key on the helmet and riders can answer the phone call. When the long riding journey is tedious, how about playing some music by the Bluetooth speaker on the helmet? The headphones allow riders to enjoy music as well as hear the external sound, ensuring that riders can get read to deal with emergencies anytime.

Airwheel smart helmet C5 not only keeps its users safe on the road, but provides more practical and entertaining functions. The intelligence of C5 assist them to embrace life and nature with enthusiasm.

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