Lyrical: Taking over the wheels of the music industry with her new single “Boss”

October 30, 2018 – Lyrical, an artist with a difference who is so gifted when it comes to wordplay is set to take over the wheels of the music industry with her newly released song titled “Boss”. The concept of the song is to empower women of all kinds to be bold and hard hitting in all measures.

“My new single “Boss” is about a woman taking care of her business over all else. The concept is marilyn monroe, gangster mob mentality with a hip hop twist and you are definitely gonna have fun listening to it.” Says Lyrical.

The music video was shot in Atlanta and just released. Lyrical identifies with the song as she is a mother, artist, and business owner of her own cosmetics line and set to launch her lingerie line for plus size women in 2020.

About Lyrical

Lyrical is a female hip-hop artist in Dallas TX.  She has been rapping since 2012 and made the Top 200 and top 50 National airplay charts for independent artists. Her style is confident, badass, no-nonsense, and in this single, instead of her usual lyricism, she uses her lyrical abilities to display her gift of wordplay.

The song was produced under MLR music label and can be watched via YouTube by using this link:

The song can also be heard on Spotify via this link:  

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