Luven Diagnostic announces the start of the token pre-sale for the 1st NON-INVASIVE screening test that can detect cancer in early stages within 15 minutes with accuracy up to 96%

Unique Cancer Diagnostic Technology, Luven Diagnostic, announces the presale of its token to commence on December 8 until December 29, 2017

Luven is the unique technology that allows for the early detection of cancer, ensuring that the condition is treated as soon as possible. Consequently, the cancer is stopped from progressing and causing even more damage to the patient. The company has announced that the pre-sale of its token will commence on December 8, with the initial coin offering scheduled for January 15, 2018.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, killing one person every 30 second. The major causes and cure of cancer have not been particularly identified. However, early detection has been discovered to help reduce the number of deaths as a result of cancer. Unfortunately, until recently, the early detection of cancer was almost non-existent. The Luven Diagnostic system that ensures the early detection of cancer is a product of over two decades of research and hard work by Ukrainian scientists.

The scientists developed a diagnostic method based on cyto-morphological and cyto-biophysical properties of the buccal epithelial cells. The Luven screening test reportedly has a level of accuracy of up to 96%, an unprecedented feat in the medical field. With studies showing that about 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer annually across the globe and every third patient dying from it, it has become imperative for initiatives like that of Luven Diagnostic to be supported.

The Luven initial coin offering is unlike other ICOs. This is so as it is targeted at making the world a better place. The funds raised during the presale of the token and the eventual initial coin offering will be used for several purposes. Some of the aims of the ICO are briefly highlighted below.

• Further studies and technological advancements for the detection of other diseases as well;

• Debugging software for computer-assisted learning, automatic recognition of images transmitted from lab microscopes, generation of the database of patients and their test results for trending and informing patients on the necessity of being diagnosed;

• Marketing and advertising;

• Legal services;

• Opening of new laboratories across the globe;

• Development of a diagnostic device specifically for family use;

• Opening a center in Austria to study the method; and

• Other business-related operations.

The ICO provides an opportunity for the public to be a part of a lucrative investment, with company already completing 90 percent of the whole thing. The purchase of the token and consequent investment is a tool for making money from the capitalization growth and test sale. It is also an opportunity to cure a huge number of people, with Luven looking to save 1,000,000 lives annually.

The presale period starts on December 8 until December 29, 2017, with the token sale to run from January 15 to February 28, 2018.

More information about Luven Diagnostic is available on the company’s website, with a whitepaper detailing the ICO also available on the site.

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Company Name: Luven Diagnostic
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