AssetBase is the missing link between Physical assets and the blockchain technology

Innovative decentralized controlled foundation, AssetBase, bridges the gap between physical assets and the blockchain technology, allowing individuals and businesses to put assets of all kinds on the blockchain AssetBase is an innovation poised to bridging the gap between physical asset and the world of cryptocurrency, by tokenizing physical assets.

AssetBase provides an opportunity for businesses and individuals to put all kinds of physical assets on the blockchain through the platform’s Proof Of Secure Asset Protocol. This ensures that everyone and anyone can be a part of the otherwise sophisticated blockchain technology.

The cryptocurrency world has taken over the news headlines in recent times and this is not surprising. Blockchain technology and digital currency in general came with a system that led to a somewhat revolution in the financial sector. The features and benefits of digital currency have helped to increase its acceptance and popularity. However, not everyone has been able to be a part of this system. One of the major challenges faced by most people across the globe, especially those trying to understand the reality of cryptocurrency is linking physical asset with blockchain.Vitalik Buterin

AssetBase has however bridged the gap between the two worlds by doing what “crypto giant” and founder of Ethereums, Vitalik Buterinfamously stated – decentralizing link between Physical assets and the blockchain. Described as the missing link, AssetBase has taken a step ahead in the crypto space by securly tokenizing any physical asset.

AssetBase is a new innovated decentralized controlled foundation guided by the people. The primary function of the controlled foundation is to allow people to create a safe and secure medium of exchange with their assets. The platform also ensures the legitimacy of those currencies for all users.

AssetBase is the first of its kind platform that allows anyone to tokenize physical properties such as cars, buildings, houses, skyscrapers and even precious metals. The unprecedented platorm also allows users to tokenize projects, providing an opportunity for true Peer to Peer investing – an untapped three trillion dollar ecosystem with little or no competitors.

AssetBase locks the underlying asset and insures it. Users can subsequently see the details on any asset or investment that is tokenized through the platform. AssetBase will be starting the pre-sale of its PDT tokens on the 2nd December, allowing holders to earn a portion of the fees generated by AssetBase tokens.

AssetBase PDT token holders will be generating revenue in form of transfer fees from all assetbase tokens, giving holders the opporutnity to hold a massive income portfolio of digital assets.

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