Lorette Farris Featured at Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union’s Small Business University

ROCKVILLE, Maryland – Mid- Atlantic Federal Credit Union will be holding its Small Business University Event on Thursday, February 18th from 7 am until 8:30 am. Small Business University is designed to be a mini-conference and networking opportunity for local and budding entrepreneurs. Topics will include raising capital, crowd funding and private equity.

Lorette D. Farris will be a featured speaker at this event and will give a special presentation on financial services and options for small business owners who are looking to raise capital in the near future.

The talk, named “What Is Equity Based Crowd Funding” will aim to answer the following questions:

As a disruptor in the financial services industry, how effective is the process for entrepreneurs raising capital?

How does an entrepreneur begin the process of raising capital through equity-based crowdfunding?

What are some of the online and offline strategies entrepreneurs can use to raise private equity?

The event will be held at Montgomery Community Media, located at 7548 Standish Place, Rockville, Maryland. A continental breakfast will be served. A $10 donation is suggested and appreciated.

The Montgomery County Small Business Series offers the opportunity to invigorate and innovate your business with insight and information from regional business leaders’ presentations and question and answer sessions. Seminars and networking are designed to support and enhance the success of your business in Montgomery County.

About Lorette Farris

Lorette is a seasoned and well-rounded financial services professional having served clients’ needs for insurance, investment banking, business brokerage through mergers and acquisitions. She’s served in roles to include Director of Compliance, Chief Operating Officer, President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair. As Principal, Lorette was responsible for the oversight of a $35 million investment banking firm with seven regional offices and upwards of 300 employees ranging from million dollar producers to telemarketers, administrators, trading and compliance personnel – raising over half a billion dollars for small cap companies. Today Lorette and iBOSS help startup and early stage business founders identify, connect and engage with investors to raise seed and first-round capital.

Ms. Farris is the host of Resources Unplugged on public access cable Channel 10 in Fairfax, VA, showcasing small businesses and growth oriented resources for their benefit. She’s the creator of The iBOSS Pitch Perfect Show, a video program for startup and early stage company founders to pitch their businesses to audiences of capital, customers, and collaborators as they compete for valuable prizes. She’s a former co-host of Smart Business, a radio talk show for and about business owners and the issues they face. She has appeared in several respected publications and has been honored on numerous occasions for her diligence and dedication to assisting entrepreneurs and emerging companies. She has generously applied her expertise as a guest speaker, panelist, and workshop/seminar trainer on numerous occasions.



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