Airwheel introduces M3 Electric Skateboard for Teenagers on Indiegogo

Crowd funding is an increasing popular online activities nowadays. Customers just click crowd funding website with less money to purchase the products in advance. Airwheel M3 is the new product worthy of crowd funding.

Airwheel M3 is the new product researched and developed by Airwheel, which is an electric skateboard. Recently, Airwheel M3 has landed on Indiegogo, the crowd funding website, which is the good news for crowd funding enthusiasts. They can enjoy the pleasure with less payment as the first group of users through Indiegogo, which seems definitely cool and fashionable.

M3 motorized skateboard

Safety is the permanent goal each manufacturer of skateboards pursuits. To guarantee the safety of users, Airwheel M3 is inserted double intelligent chips to control the skateboards. The design of double intelligent chips can keep the skateboards work normally even under the circumstance that one of the chips breaks down. Besides, the motorized skateboard is equipped with TPU to reduce shocks, which can ensure the comfortable experience during the process of riding.

Some customers may wonder whether Airwheel M3 is out of power easily which is the common problem in the electric automobile industry. The imported Sony battery dispels misgivings.  The battery can keep the long cursing time. What’s more, the high quality of battery will prevent the sudden accidents to the most extent. As a result, customer can ride the complete skateboards without any worry. The remote control is convenient for riders to control skateboards. Riders just need to press buttons to start, stop or lock the wireless remote control skateboards through the remote control.

Airwheel self-balancing scooters M3

DIY is the trend among many people, the young in particular. Airwheel M3 also caters for this trend. The tags attached on the panel are changeable. Riders can change their tags as they wish from Airwheel online store. The material of the panel, the sizes of tyres and other spare parts can all be changed. This excites the potential customers since they can make the electric skateboards totally by themselves.

Anyone who is interested in Airwheel M3 can click to participate in crowd funding. It just needs several clicks and 399 US dollars to own a motorized skateboard. Hurry up to join in Airwheel family right now!

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