Local Deliveries of Goods are Now More Important than Ever

The landscape of freight delivery has changed worldwide with more attention to safe and quick delivery as well as multiple stop delivery.  Especially in Canada and the USA, companies are clamouring for quicker delivery and transport, with added features such as door-to-door delivery and truly expedited services for delivery

Ontario Container Transport (OCT) located in Woodbridge, ON, has streamlined the process of quick delivery, warehousing, or storage for many companies in Canada and also even the USA.  Facilities exist where storage and warehousing can be done safely in Northern America, and the door-to-door offerings are especially attractive to clients. 

Items can be picked up at a client’s site, and delivered immediately, or stored in the safe facilities provided by OCT.  Since transport has now become more involved, yet more rapid, the streamlined solutions offered by OCT are in demand now. 

OCT warehouses are not only safety-focused but also as secure as possible with the latest in security technology and cameras installed for extra protection.  There is a logistical plan in place that is discussed with each client whether using local deliveries at multiple locations or storing goods or merchandise safely before local delivery will occur. 

Sprinkler systems are also present in each warehouse facility and the highest quality containers for storage can be rented for as long as necessary.  With OCT, all the logistical work, safety, and deployment for local delivery or safe storage are provided to the clients so they can focus on the other intricacies of their business and the new challenges that are now apparent in the delivery and storage of any freight. 

One client who felt overwhelmed by the new local delivery challenges put it this way, “I arranged storage and delivery of my door-to-door storage needs and delivery with OCT, as I had no idea how to logically and most importantly, afford this type of change in delivery needs with the new economy of the world today.  OCT provided great solutions for each aspect, and flawlessly pulled off the multiple delivery stops I needed every day.  I have been using their local delivery strategy services for months now and will continue to do so!  I am extremely happy with their attention to detail and with the customer service.  They have ‘taken a load’ off my mind!” 

Consultations are always free, as OCT does believe in always putting the client first.  Customer service is also a primary objective and just one contact with the company will prove this to everyone that does seek local delivery services.   In business for years, OCT is a premier freight company that can and will provide the types of services in local deliveries, storage, and deployment that most companies are scrambling to find now. 

While OCT is affordable, the company also saves money for all their clients with their logistical approach which eliminates damages of loss of goods.  Any lost or damaged goods or late delivery services now cost money to each client and OCT is diligent about not allowing losses or damages to occur.

About Ontario Container Transport (OCT)

Located in Woodbridge, ON, OCT is an international provider of freight transport, storage, and warehousing.  Due to the changing challenges now in freight delivery, a primary focus has been local deliveries with multiple delivery stops now available through OCT.  The consultants and staff are available by website form, phone, or email and all services are safe and affordable. 

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