Linda Luchtman Releases Middle Grade Book Sitou’s Journey into the World of Emotions

Linda Luchtman Releases Middle Grade Book Sitou’s Journey into the World of Emotions
Linda Luchtman Releases Middle Grade Book Sitou’s Journey into the World of Emotions
A Heartwarming Tale of Emotional Discovery for Children

Prepare to embark on a magical journey of emotional exploration as we introduce Sitou’s Journey into the World of Emotions by debut author Linda Luchtman. This enchanting children’s book, suitable for kids aged seven and older, invites young readers to delve into the captivating world of emotions through the eyes of the endearing main character, Sitou.

Sitou, a young and sensitive girl, embarks on a transformative journey where she befriends a talking hedgehog and learns that even the smallest creatures possess their own emotions and feelings. With joy, sadness, anger, and fear as her companions, Sitou gains invaluable insights into recognizing and understanding her emotions and those of others.

Linda Luchtman’s beautifully crafted story is not the sole highlight of this book; it also offers an interactive workbook, Discover for Yourself the Essence of Joy, Sadness, Anger, and Fear, designed to encourage young readers to apply the lessons Sitou learns on her journey to their own lives. These thought-provoking tasks empower children to develop emotional intelligence and promote mental well-being.

With a strong commitment to improving the emotional health of young readers, Linda Luchtman invites parents, guardians, teachers, and therapists to engage in meaningful discussions with children, students, and clients about the book’s contents. These conversations can lead to both fun and essential dialogues about emotions and kindness.

Why choose Sitou’s Journey into the World of Emotions?

  • A heartwarming and engaging story suitable for children aged 7-12.
  • Emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence and kindness.
  • Interactive tasks reinforce emotional understanding and personal growth.
  • A valuable resource for caregivers, educators, and therapists dedicated to children’s mental health.
  • Stunning illustrations by an award-winning illustrator.

Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this touching adventure with Sitou and her hedgehog friend. Sitou’s Journey into the World of Emotions is now available for pre-order in ebook format on Amazon. It will also be available in print on the release date and coming soon in Spanish.

For a sneak peek into the magic of emotions and the beauty of the autumn forest, watch the book trailer on YouTube

About the Author:

Linda Luchtman, a debut author from the Netherlands, has dedicated herself to improving the emotional well-being of young readers. Inspired by her daughter’s struggles with anxiety, Linda has revisited the story of Sitou, crafting an experience that resonates deeply with children and tweens. Linda’s background in instructional design, neuroscience, and coaching enriches the interactive aspects of the book, making it a powerful tool for emotional growth.

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