Learining More About How to choose the Water Flosser manufacturer?

1.Strong technical strength: In order to choose a high-quality dental punch, consumers should consider choosing those who have technical strength manufacturers.These manufacturers usually invest money in product research and development, and the core parametersof the offset teeth are repeatedly tested and optimized to ensure that the product can provide an excellent experience in the long-term attenuation of the pulse frequency, the sensitivity of the pressure intensity switch, the deviation value of the outlet gram, and the concentration of the outlet water.

2.Compatibility should be excellent: In order to choose a compatible dental punch, people need to consider a number of factors, such as a variety of gears, adjustable pressure range and reasonable pulse frequency Settings. For example, it is recommended to choose a product with a pulse frequency of 1200-1400r/min to obtain a better cleaning effect and betteruse experience.

3.Do not buy low-cost products: businesses will attract consumers to buy with price advantages, but these products are usually made of cheap raw materials, such as inferior pumps, unqualified motors and cheap nozzles, which will lead to the pressure of the product isunstable, uneven impact force, easy to cause damage to teeth.

4.The finer the diameter of the water flow, the better: the finer the diameter of the water flow, the more concentrated the impact force, and the better the depth of the mouth blind area for cleaning. It is recommended to choose products with a water flow diameter in the range of 0.55-0.7mm to achieve the best cleaning effect.

5.Optional detachable water tank: The detachable water tank can greatly facilitate us to clean the inside of the water tank, to ensure the health and cleanliness of the water, and after the water tank is removed, the outdoor carrying and storage of the dental flusher also becomes more convenient.

6.Type of water outlet Preferred pulse: The type of water outlet includes pulse, ultrasonic and microbubble. Microbubble mode is mild but the cleaning effect is not good, ultrasonic mode cleaning effect is good but easy to feel pain and risk of tooth damage, and pulse mode impact is moderate, cleaning effect is good and comfortable to use, so it is recommended to choose pulse mode products.

7.Product type Choose Upright portable model: The product types of dental punch include home desktop model, upright portable model and mini portable model. The home desktop model is large and not portable; The mini portable water tank has a small capacity and a small number of gear modes, which is suitable for a small amount of cleaning needs. The upright portable model has a moderate size, multiple gear modes, and large water tank capacity, which can meet the daily cleaning needs of most people, so it is widely favored.

8.Good after-sales service: the product should support the trial, through the trial, we can personally experience the effect and comfort of the dental punch, to avoid the product idle due to the wrong choice of products.

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