Information About Soft Bristle Kids Toothbrush Heads

In fact, the selection of children’s electric brush head can not be ignored. why? Because each child’s teeth are different, and the criteria for judging children’s toothbrush heads are subjective, such as the strength of friction, the softness of the bristles and so on are very subjective feelings, some parents think that the friction is strong, but some parents think that the friction is too weak, some parents think that the bristles are too hard, just some parents think that the bristles are too soft. So many indicators are personal subjective judgment, so that parents can easily buy unsuitable toothbrush heads, so this is today’s issue:

How to choose a suitable toothbrush heads for kids?

Firstly, we parents need to clarify which type teeth kids are. If their teeth are very sensitive, then we parents need to choose ultra soft bristle toothbrush heads, and turn electric toothbrush into sensitive mode for cleaning.

Secondly, parents should pay attention on the material of toothbrush heads. Usually Dupont bristle will be good choice, which are major in this filed many years in the market, and is famous brand in the world.

Last but most important, it should be in very high performance in cleaning teeth, that need to be at best price. This replacement tooth brush heads, 4 pieces in one pack electric brush heads for kids will be a good choice.


. Ultra soft bristle from Dupont . Cute color design . Humanized shape of bristle are suitable for kids teeth.

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