Leading IPv4 Broker, Brander Group Inc., Selected as the Preferred IPv4 Broker for Hess Consortium which serves around 150 Universities

February 18, 2020 – Brander Group proudly announces their selection as the exclusive and preferred IPv4 broker for Hess Consortium, which comprises of 150 private and non-profit universities across the United States. The new selection serves as another milestone achievement as Brander Group systematically grows its market reach within the network, data center and IPv4 connectivity space. Trusted by top global brands and thousands of other companies, Brander Group, over the years, has built a solid reputation as a foremost IPv4 broker and connectivity consultant. Brander Group helps corporate organizations sell or buy IPv4 address blocks in ARIN, RIPE and APNIC regions.

Brander Group works with organizations that are in possession of excess IPv4 address space by helping them bring their assets to market, connecting them with reputable buyers and helping them navigate through the rigorous legal and technical process of transferring IPv4 address space. Using their broad market reach and industry connections, Brander Group also helps companies acquire sufficient and reliable IPv4 addresses and guide them through complex IPv4 transfer policies, potential pitfalls, market dynamics, and transfer requirements.

We are glad to be selected as the preferred Broker for Hess Consortium. The agreement gives us access to serve about 150 Universities helping them solve their IPv4 needs, while allowing them to allocate the new funds to important school initiatives. It’s really a win-win situation for the institutions as well as the buyers of the IPv4 address who have real business needs. We are confident our expertise will contribute immensely to the educational sector and help students across the nation in their quest for knowledge,” says Jake Iskhakov, the President of Brander Group

He says further, “We hope to keep making a positive impact as a leader in the IPv4 market through our innovative and efficiency-driven premium services. Our team’s collective experience in the data and telecom center space is one of our core strengths and we remain committed to keep supporting our clients all over the world with high-level technical expertise and experience.”

For more information about Brander Group, visit BranderGroup.net

Brander Group serves clients in over 30 countries and safely conducts about 30 – 40 global IPv4 sales and transfers each month in ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC regions for IPv4 block sizes ranging from a /24 up to a /12. To improve the supply in the IPv4 market, Brander Group digs out IPV4 blocks that have been allocated but not in use and help the owners transfer them to ready buyers.

About Brander Group

Brander Group has been in the data center, network and telecom industry for over 12 years.  The company leverages its buying power and relationships to offer the best rates on global WAN, dedicated internet, cloud, and IPv4 allocations. Brander Group’s portfolio includes over 100 global network providers, as well as tier 2s & 3’s, regional ILECs, CLECs, and smaller networks for tough to reach markets.

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