Lawyerd LLC To Raise 450k USD In New Funding Round

Lawyerd LLC To Raise 450k USD In New Funding Round
Providers of innovative intellectual property protection solutions, Lawyerd LLC, announces plans to secure additional 450k USD funding following a successful round with 31k USD secured

The team at Lawyerd LLC looks set to up their game and provide the best possible solutions to organizations that seek brand protection as the company announces plans to raise another 450k USD in their latest funding round. Founded by Igor Makushinsky, an experienced intellectual property lawyer, the company has grown over the years to become one of the most sought-after service providers in the market.

Intellectual property theft remains a major cause of concern for businesses across the globe, with companies losing their money due to unauthorized use of the Internet. The Global Piracy Report revealed that annual damage from piracy for different categories of business varies from 20% to 35% loss of net profit. Despite the efforts of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to criminalize the act of circumventing access control, perpetrators still find their way of hacking systems to provide solutions to individuals at unimaginable prices, ultimately leading to the loss of business of original owners. However, Igor Makushinsky and his team are looking to make a difference by automating the process of removing copyrighted resources.

Igor Makushinsky brings his experience in intellectual property protection defending clients’ products and their income for more than 7 years to Lawyerd, helping clients find out and delete scammers in no more than 5 seconds. The solution from Lawyerd is unique as it allows the right holder to protect his product in 27 jurisdictions of the world, 5 times cheaper, 10 times faster, with the software licensing services offering four different approaches to product protection.

Lawyerd has helped to delete more than 24,000 thousand sites, saving clients over one and half million. The system has gained traction from different quarters, including the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law, and ranked as the best legal tech innovation in 2020. Lawyerd currently has 4 B2B and more than 25 B2C clients, capturing 0,07% of the US intellectual property protection market to attract 100-120 B2B customers and more than 1000 B2C customers in the first year.

For more information about Lawyerd and the groundbreaking intellectual property system offered, visit – or Lawyerd can also be found across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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