Large double-ended modern freestanding baths now available with enhanced discounts only at JT Spas

Today’s bathroom is more than just a functional room Рit has truly become an enriched space, filled with comfort and luxury as well. This is all too true for those who choose to equip their bathrooms with beautiful freestanding baths, and for those who would like their bathrooms transformed with their own freestanding bath, JT Spas has just the thing with its large double-ended freestanding baths with even better discounts.

The bathroom choices of more customers today are more varied than ever, and people are becoming increasingly selective about what they install or place in their bathrooms – and this includes their choice when it comes to their baths. The freestanding bath has always been a popular option, especially for those who want a central element that can serve as a functional and statement piece as well. And at the site of JT Spas, customers who would like to avail of some great offers for freestanding baths will not be disappointed, especially with the latest choices in double-ended, contemporary-style freestanding baths.

There are more discounts to be availed of at JT Spas, and this includes discounts for the Jupiter Marseille model double-ended bath, a large bath with measurements of 1740 by 790mm, which is now offered for the best price of only £595. This bath’s original price is £1299, and with the price now reduced to only £595, customers can take advantage of an amazing discount. Another excellent offer is for the Lille model, also from Jupiter, an oval-shaped, double-ended bath which measures 1700 by 800mm. The bath is also available for £595, and its size and design make it perfect for larger, contemporary spaces.

Other double-ended bath styles include the Naples model, which is slightly smaller at 1500 by 750mm, but for those who want something that can fit two people, Jupiter has the Venice model as well, which measures 1700 by 840mm and which also comes for only £595. Every unit is carefully designed and modelled using the highest-quality acrylic, and it is also reinforced with specially-formulated fibreglass resin, which enhanced insulation, too.

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About JT Spas

JT Spas definitely understands what customers are looking for when it comes to the products they choose for their bathroom – a good price coupled with durability and high quality as well. And JT Spas provides all these with the bathroom products it offers, especially in terms of its freestanding baths which now come with more styles and designs and better and more competitive, affordable prices. For a good look at the selection, visit the website. 

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