Revopoint Pop: High-Precision 3D Scanner Launched on Kickstarter

Amazingly Capable, Surprisingly Affordable. Pop – the perfect sidekick for your 3D printing creativity

Revopoint launched today on Kickstarter at <> the high-precision scanner, an extremely compact and easy to use device that offers all the advanced features of industrial-grade 3D scanners costing only 10% of what these typically cost.

Revopoint’s World’s high-precision 3D Scanner is designed with binocular and structured light, which ensures that the acquired 3D point cloud data features high accuracy. The highest single-frame accuracy can reach 0.1mm. This device supports both high-precision and three scanning modes, allowing users to directly generate vivid 3D models for color 3D printing.

The scanner’s built-in high-performance AI chip effectively ensures the speed and efficiency of 3D scanning. Its industrial-grade scanning quality is enhanced by Revopoint’s latest scientific research results based on which this scanner integrates handheld scanning and fixed scanning and human scanning modes that users can easily switch between.

“This is a 3D scanner that is extremely lightweight and compact, which means that people can carry it and use it anywhere,” Andy, Marketing Manager at Revopoint, said. “You can use it to scan a statue outdoors, or a person, and even a person’s face or even an animal, given that the scanner uses an infrared invisible light to avoid strong light stimulation, making it more comfortable for the user and safer for everyone’s eyes.”

With an intuitive and easy-to-use software that keeps users in the loop as to the scanning process as it occurs, anyone can use this device. “No skills or training are required,” Andy commented.

The device doesn’t require an AC power supply, it works with low power consumption, and its single USB cable works both as a power-saving cable and as a data transfer cable. “People can connect it to their laptops, tablets or smartphones for scanning literally anywhere”, Andy further noted.

The Revopoint World’s Smallest 3D Scanner campaign on Kickstarter at <> is seeking to raise $10,000 to fund the large-scale production of the scanner. Backers who support the campaign gain early and discounted access to the device.

About Revopoint

Revopoint is a leading Chinese 3D scanner developer. Holding four R&D Centers in China and in the US, and with a staff of over 60 members, the company focuses on developing highly accurate 3D scanners, with highly integratable hardware, which produce amazing results when compared to competitors. Revopoint has a record of 100% Patented Chip & Hardware Design & Production and uses a powerful AI algorithm in the development of optical devices and 3D imaging technology.

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