KODE Ecosystem Introduces Bot Series On Top Of The Internet-Based Token Makers And LP-Locker

KODE presents a series of bots to assist with projecting proprietors’ make and send off a reasonable venture. KODE isn’t just centered on creating one utility; it has a vision that creates an entire environment to help new designers while giving compensation $KODE holders simultaneously.


KODE focuses on making an effective venture while dealing with various undertaking send-offs. For a creator to send an agreement, setting up various completely utilitarian bots can be inefficient and wasteful. So, KODE introduced an ecosystem series of bots with particular capabilities that accelerate the process of sending off an undertaking and take out unnecessary advances required.

The Token factory is the first progressive telegram bot introduced by KODE, which can convey an agreement in under a minute. The main goal of the telegram bot is to have the option to upgrade the effectiveness of making tokens on EVM’s well-suited smart chain. After a KYC accommodation has been supported, a one-time amount of $KODE will be provided to the users of the token factory telegram bot. With the telegram bot, individuals can be send-off their own token with a custom agreement design, name, ticker, charges and supply.

Locker bot is another innovation of KODE that will be coordinated into the KODE ecosystem as an expansion to give designers a choice to secure liquidity for their ideal time with the security of financial backers to give consolation to the local area. The liquidity lock time will proceed for one month. So, the designers can broaden the time period with only one button click on the Token Factory Bot.

KODE Buy is also the buy bot of an ecosystem. Buy bot creates a token after utilizing the token factory bot associated with blockchain, filtering for new purchases. This will decrease the requirement of manual involvement while setting up a buy bot.

KODE presents another bot which is called KODE Admin. KODE Admin will be the help bot with the ecosystem. Admin token will act as a subordinate in the fundamental chart.

KODE Guard is also a bot that will protect the ecosystem. KODE Guard focuses on to oversee and deal with pointless bots assaults from an outer source.

KODE Raid is a bot that will perform as raid leader, addressing tweets and telegram groups to raid over the day.

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