Kitchen Lighting Done Right with Lighting Experts

Kitchen Lighting Done Right with Lighting Experts
The kitchen is the heart of a home. Unfortunately, very few people get the right kitchen lighting. Even with an idea of the importance and the difference between a task and general light, many people still overlook or get the lighting wrong.

But to keep kitchens safe, warm, and hearty, Simple Lighting, a leading UK kitchen lighting store offers the best there is in kitchen and general kitchen lighting. These experts understand the basics of light layering, the influence of heights, watts, and whether lights should be installed off or next to the walls. But this is not all they offer: besides guiding homeowners on kitchen lighting, Simple Lighting has taken it upon itself to provide specialty lighting – the Under Unit and the Kitchen Cabinet LED lighting.

Cabinet LED and Under Unit lighting make up excellent accessories for kitchens by providing that bright, but subtle task lighting. Lighting that creates perfect warmth and a very welcoming ambiance for kitchens.

To ensure that everyone gets what they need for their home, Simple Lighting stocks a huge range of LED lights specific for kitchen cabinets and under the cupboard. The LED lights are available in different color temperatures, wattages, and styles. Speaking of styles, the lights are available in various shapes like round, wedge, triangle, superslim, ultrathin, and recessed styles. With such a wide variety of LED task lights, the company is responsible for reduced kitchen accidents, not to mention beautiful homes.

Homeowners also get to choose kitchen lights based on their finishes thanks to Simple Lighting’s nickel, chrome, stainless steel, satin, brushed, polished, and matt lighting finishes to match different décor styles.

Other than its widest variety of the kitchen lights, the store also offers top-of-the-line switches including motion sensor and dimmer switches for recessed or surface LED lights.

To ensure that their clients get full value for money, the lights sold all come with a 7-years warranty with dissatisfied customers enjoying hassle-free returns.

The lights are affordable, and customers enjoy free next-day deliveries for orders over £50.00. is one of UK’s best lighting suppliers for domestic, commercial, and wholesale buyers. As a Wirral-based company, it specializes in the provision of a big selection of the highest-quality and highly innovative LED lighting. Simple Lighting boasts a large selection of at least 9,000 LED strip, outdoor, and tape lighting, as well as the best of kitchen and decorative lighting.

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