Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live For The Keychain Version of the Popular TripleLite 180 Degree Flashlight

Roger Blaemire announces launch of Kickstarter campaign for TripleLite 180 degree Flashlight Key Chain.

Roger Blaemire, the founder of, has announced that their fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter is up and running. The funds raised will be utilized for making molds and production of the 40 lumens Key Chain TripleLite flashlight. The company has a target of $75,000 with the deadline of August 11, 2017.

“We are delighted to introduce you to TripleLite, the safety flashlight powered by cutting-edge patented technology,” says Roger Blaemire, the founder of the company who has a rich and successful experience in sports marketing. “There are many models available with varying features and utilities. The Kickstarter campaign is aimed at raising the funds needed for molds and production of the Key Chain version of the project.”

The TripleLite Flashlight is a powerful device that provides 180 degrees, ultra-bright span of light. In the Mini model, the light has a reach of 120 feet while with the Classic model; the reach goes up to 150 feet. The production and inventory for the Classic and Mini 180 degree flashlights has been self-funded by the company. The Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise funds for the molds and production of the keychain version of the product.

With no product comparable to the market, the makers are sure that the TripleLite Flashlight will be a huge hit and find a ready audience for their brand. They expect the Kickstarter campaign to add value to their efforts as they will be able to reach a wider global client base.

The makers have also funded the patenting technology, product development and initial production run for the Classic and Mini versions of the product on their own. By using the global crowd funding platform, they hope to raise the necessary fund to produce and introduce the key chain version of the advanced flashlight to the mass market.

Some of the key features of the product that sets the flashlight apart from others are the sturdy and rubberized, water-resistant and break-resistant case, the grooved handle that gives it a solid grip, the two-power modes, and of course, the 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee offered by the company. The incredible 180-degree span of light illuminates the front and both the sides as well to ensure complete visibility that no other flashlight can deliver.

According to Roger Blaemire, they have faced some challenges along the way. The greatest challenge was the inability to find a manufacturer in the United States despite launching a major quest. It remains one of their biggest missions, and is expected to play a key role in the commercial success of the project.

According to the company, the work on the keychain version of the TripleLite Flashlight project will progress smoothly if they are able to achieve the financial goal of $75,000.

About TripleLite Flashlight:

TripleLite Flashlight is a safety flashlight that comes with cutting-edge patented technology and design to provide the brightest possible illumination. The flashlight offers an incredible 180 degree span of light that illuminates the front and both sides for comprehensive visibility. The Kickstarter campaign has been initiated to fund the keychain version of TripleLite Flashlight.

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