Tranzend Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live For Its Waterproof Suit Project

Tranzend launches campaign on Kickstarter for creating the world’s most advanced suit for all climate types and situations.

Tranzend has announced that their fundraising campaign is live on Kickstarter for the most efficient waterproof suit available. The highly durable and water repellent suit also provides protection from oil, chemical, detergent and dirt stains.

“We are delighted to announce that our Kickstarter campaign is alive and running for the Tranzend project,” says the spokesperson for Tranzend. “This is the only suit you will ever need as it is ideal for all types of climates and situations. Our suit is ethically produced using recycled items and designed to adapt to the active lifestyle of the modern man of today.”

The most advanced suit by Tranzend lives up to its name in every possible way as it comes with a string of unique features. It is eco-friendly as it is produced ethically using recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds. The two-piece suit is unique as it combines sartorial aesthetics and environmental sustainability and is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. The all-occasion suit is waterproof, extremely stretchable and does not attract stains of any type.

Advanced suit by Tranzend is a trendsetter in two-piece suit clothing as it takes mobility to a different level. The suit has high breathability and the fabric is extremely stretchable too. Users need not worry about fabric odor as there is an anti-odor element and it is also designed for high UV protection. The wrinkle-free suit is great for any occasion.

The design is unique as it integrates sports elements and heritage fashion and that too from sustainable sources. Tranzend provides every customer comfort of the highest level and the ability to adapt to different environments. With Tranzend, the rare combination of style and function come together.

The inspiration for Tranzend came from London, a city where men wear suits for work as well as on casual occasions. The suits that were available to these gentlemen were not conducive for the London weather and did not offer the comfort or functionality they wanted. They were forced to buy multiple suits for various occasions which cost them money and the hassle of having to maintain them.

Tranzend was committed to create a suit that would look stunning and feel comfortable and importantly, adapt to varying situations. They were also keen on ensuring that the suit has an ethical element and is environment friendly. They found the right material which is a cutting-edge fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds. It makes the suit truly unique and one of its kind.

Some of the key features of the suit are detachable magnetic hood that allows easy removal and adjustment, laser cut pocket for keeping valuable secure and high class finish.

About Tranzend:

Tranzend is a world class, advanced suit which is also the world’s first waterproof suit. The eco-friendly suit is stretchable, UV protected, wrinkle-free, anti-odor and breathable. The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $60,000 for covering the cost of various aspects of manufacturing and marketing the suit.

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