Keto Health Care, a pioneer in the provision of innovative keto friendly products, is thrilled to introduce M3 Ketone Breath Meter-a smart keto Breath Analyzer. This breakthrough innovation is the first of its kind and delivers yet another choice for those following a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet lifestyle, letting them know how efficiently their body is burning fat.

If you’ve searched Google for diet tips for weight loss in 2019, you would have already heard of the ketogenic diet or simply “keto.” ketogenic diet emphasized low carb intake which pushes your body into a state called ketosis. The ketogenic diet is a science-backed way to lose weight while eating the foods you love. However, staying in ketosis is key to benefiting from this very specific way of eating, and this can be made possible with the help of Keto Health Care M3 Ketone Breath Meter.

The human body will enter a state of ketosis when there is an absence of carbohydrates. When your body transitions into ketosis and begins burning fats for fuel instead of carbohydrates, a few other changes happen. Among them is a change in the level of acetone in your breath, and this Keto Breath Analyzer is explicitly designed to track that chemical signature.

According to Keto Health Care, its sensor uses acetone from the breath to measure for ketones. This is how the device determines your level of ketosis. All you need to do is breathe from your mouth into the tester, and within 10 seconds, your ketone results are ready with precision.

Keto Health Care M3 Ketone Breath Meter is appealing, and the device works very well even after several months of using it. It looks very clean and slick, and the fact that the device doesn’t have any consumables (no test strips, no gross pee sticks, etc.) besides batteries means that it is cheaper saving lots of time and money. This product is an affordable solution for people on the keto diet.

For people already following the keto diet, it’s an easy recommendation. It provides an easy-to-understand data point, and you’ll know if you are or aren’t in ketosis. What that means to you, is control over your keto lifestyle, so you can discover with confidence which food types and activities support reaching your weight-loss goals.

Another thing that set this Keto Breath Analyzer apart from the rest is the 1 Year Warranty that comes with it. Keto Health Care has a friendly and highly knowledgeable US-based support team that is always available to answer immediately in case there’s any complaint. Tracking your ketone levels has never been easier with KHC M3 Ketone Breath Meter!

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