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Everything has its own life cycle, which ends sooner or later. But even after that, it can benefit the owner. In this case, we are talking about a junk car — after an accident or simply obsolete. The secret of life after death lies in places like the junkyard in Jacksonville, Florida.

How does a car end up in a junkyard?

In the United States, junkyards are located on the outskirts of cities. Their territory perimeter is secured, there’s only one entrance, which is always under control. For the convenience of searching, cars are grouped by manufacturers and inventoried — each one has a serial number, the name of model, and the year of manufacture.

American car junkyards are large-scale parking lots of broken cars, rusty metal, glass shards, but there are exceptions. The junkyards in America often end up with vehicles in more or less satisfactory condition. Of course, many of them require major repairs. However, some come under their own power and need only partially rebuilding.

At a car dump in America cars come from two sources:

  • Dumpers buy them
  • They are taken by insurance companies

In fact, the American car junkyard is a big enterprise. You can judge the scale and quantities based on the fact that 278 million cars are officially registered in the United States in 2022.

What about insurance?

When a car gets into an accident or another breakdown happens, the insurance inspector assesses the damage and decides the future of the vehicle: repair it or send it to a dump.

If the insurance inspector puts the mark “Repair and restoration is impossible” in the documents, the insurance is paid to the owner, and his car is sent to a landfill. Usually, damaged vehicles are written off in cases where the cost of the necessary repairs approaches the cost of the car itself.

Of course, a car after an accident can be repaired in order to illegally sell it and get some money back. But the repairmen work in the USA is really expensive, and such scam is severely punished. That is why the game is not worth trouble. It is much easier and cheaper to hand over a damaged car for disassembly and save yourself from unnecessary worries. For example, such services are offered by Junkcarsus.

What types of junkyards are there?

All American dumps are divided into two types:

1.  Full service. Everything is clear — the clients know what they news, so they just have to say it. There are databases on such disassembly. Therefore, the client is immediately told whether the necessary car or spare part is available or not. Search engines for such services are available on the Internet.

2.  Self-service. No tools that are usually equipped with disassembly, no database and any other assistance from the maintenance staff. But it’s cheap and easy, because, basically, the price list here is the same for all junk cars.

Why are self-services so cheap? The thing is, in America junk cars are cheap and human labor is expensive. This is the reason cars on self-services are three or even four times cheaper than on full-services.

You can find many interesting cars in American auto cemeteries. Sometimes there even come across patrol cars, and in a more or less normal condition. One of the YouTube users posted a video in which he talks about a Chevrolet patrol sedan found in a landfill, which was previously in the service.

Cemetery or shop?

American junkyards can be viewed not as a final resting place, but as an opportunity to buy a used car that still rides.

At huge junkyards in the USA (such as Junkcarsus), you can not only find parts for the rarest cars, but it’s also quite possible to leave there by car for 200-300 USD. Some are in frankly good condition, but the best exemplar will have to be looked for. Of course, every car has some damage.

Vehicles of different years of manufacture are included in the recycling. Able to drive junk cars, brokers try to resell right at the dump. Previously, they were kept from “destruction”, and for 500-1000 USD, you can buy a car even in 2010. It will not be difficult to register it and put into operation again, because it’s not necessary to pass a technical inspection, it’s enough to purchase new numbers.

Why is it profitable to hand over a car to a junkyard, and not to fix it?

When a new model comes out, the dealer rents it out for three years. Then it checks, repairs and sells with a guarantee at a reduced price. Thus, the dealer receives more profit. First, more or less wealthy Americans use the car, and then “mere mortals” with an average income.

·        Certified cars, but already with mileage, cost almost half as much as new ones straight from the salon. In both cases, the guarantees are the same.

·        After leaving for a few years, the owner comes to the conclusion that you can buy something newer. Or the car breaks down, and the purchase of another vehicle becomes simply necessary. After that, the car has one road — to a junkyard.

·        According to statistics, 12 million cars a year go to junkyards in the United States. For several months, they are slowly dismantled for parts — such yards are open.

It’s cheaper to go to a junkyard than to a repair shop

In the US, there is a huge automotive market, sellers compete with each other, and it naturally reduces the prices of the goods offered.

Also, here everything is done to please the client — for example, if it’s difficult to pay the entire amount at once, then the car will be easily sold in a mortgage, making a significant discount in addition — just not to miss the client.

But professional auto repair services are expensive. And self-repair of your own car in the United States is prohibited.

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