JT Spas Features More Variations for Whirlpool Baths, Including Single-Ended Whirlpool Baths Perfect for Smaller Spaces

Whirlpool baths have already become a standard addition in more bathrooms, particularly since they are now a lot more affordable and friendly on the budget. But along with this, they have also become more varied in style and design, as evidenced by the latest variations in whirlpool baths available at JT Spas, with more single-ended baths that are ideal for smaller bathroom spaces.

Everyone knows how relaxing it is to spend time in a whirlpool bath, particularly one made with the best quality materials and a load of features and body jets. The whirlpool bath is in a class of its own, and many homes are now taking advantage of such an element for a more enhanced bath experience.

At JT Spas, both existing clients and first-time visitors can already benefit from some premium and excellent bargains for various bathroom products, but the whirlpool baths at JT Spas are now more varied than ever, especially with the addition of more single-ended whirlpool baths. The single-ended whirlpool baths featured at JT Spas come in different sizes and different numbers of body jets, but one excellent example is the Victoria model from Lisna Waters, which measures 1500 by 700mm. This single-ended whirlpool bath is now available for the price of only £625, where it has been discounted from its regular price of £1050. The bath is comprised of a total of six jets, and the system boasts a safety suction filter, which helps ensure that hair is caught so it doesn’t cause any damage to the whirlpool pump, and it also comes with a whirlpool flow control system, which allows users to conveniently control the system’s intensity ranging from soft to vigorous.

As if these features weren’t enough, it also comes with jets made of polished chrome, with three jets on each side that users can move and redirect to the position they prefer. Along with this, the single-ended whirlpool bath has v-shaped ‘non-return’ jets, and these serve to reduce the water flow back to the pipes. For those who prefer a bigger whirlpool bath, JT Spas also offers the same Victoria model with measurements of 1700 by 700mm, and at only £657, it is a definite steal. Other baths include the Florence model with 12 jets, which comes for only £725.

To take advantage of the complete whirlpool bath range offered with the best discounts, visit the JT Spas site at http://www.jtspas.co.uk

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