JT Spas Adds To Collection of Black Contemporary-Style Freestanding Baths with Premium Discounts

The bathrooms of today are definitely more advanced, but there are some elements that have stood the test of time and continue to be as popular today as they were in centuries past. The freestanding bath is one example, and today’s freestanding baths have acquired a contemporary and stylish appeal that makes them highly in demand as bathroom elements.

JT Spas focus on customer satisfaction, customers can already take advantage of an entirely new collection of black freestanding baths, which come with premium discounts as well.

Anyone walking into a bathroom with a beautiful freestanding bath will be awed – and even more so if the freestanding bath occupying the space is one in a sleek, stylish, and shiny black colour. The black freestanding bath is definitely an elegant addition to any bathroom space, and its colour will automatically make it stand out and become more appreciated, especially when compared to other bathroom elements in stark and classic white.

And when it comes to black freestanding baths, JT Spas is definitely on-point. The JT Spas site now features more black modern and contemporary freestanding baths in its range, and these black freestanding baths come with some amazing discounts, too. One particularly popular model, for instance, is the Naples double-ended freestanding bath in black, with its sleek oval shape and compact size. The bath measures 1500mm by 750mm, and customers can get it for only £625 at the JT Spas website. Since the original price of the bath is £1259, customers are benefitting from a serious discount indeed.

Another worthwhile purchase is the Venice Plus double-ended freestanding bath in black, which measures 1500mm by 800mm. For a mere £645, customers can luxuriate in their very own black freestanding bath and transform their bathroom’s look and feel. The bath’s original price is £1299, so customers will also be getting more than 50% off. Both baths are crafted with sanitary-grade, high-class acrylic, and they are additionally reinforced with special glass fibre resin.

For those wanting something larger, JT Spas also offers the Venice Plus large black freestanding bath with a measurement of 1700mm by 840mm, and this bath is perfect for two people as well. At only £645, it is definitely a steal. To have a look at the updated collection of freestanding baths only through the JT Spas website, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk

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JT Spas has certainly made its mark among numerous customers in the United Kingdom looking only for the best and highest quality bathroom products they could find, and its collection spans everything from bathroom furniture to accessories, taps, basins, radiators, baths, shower enclosures, and more. For a closer look at the freestanding baths that are currently on offer at JT Spas, check out the site.

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