Jessup Manufacturing Safety Track Tape Helps Supports Businesses Social Distancing Efforts

Jessup Manufacturing, a global manufacturer and leader in non slip tapes and treads, is now partnering with clients to create unique social distancing signage with their Safety Track product line. These social distancing markers are crucial as public spaces and businesses reopen through the COVID-19 pandemic.

As social distancing will continue to remain a top priority throughout 2020, non slip tapes and treads offer an easy way to promote proper awareness. Jessup’s Safety Track non slip tapes and treads create social distancing markers that can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Wall signage promoting COVID-19 safety measures and social distancing
  • Non slip floor markings to show a 6 foot distance while waiting in lines
  • Non slip pathway markings communicating what way to go down aisles or closed off sections
  • Public transportation non slip floor markings and wall signage to communicate social distancing and current safety recommendations

With floor markings and COVID-19 signage becoming commonplace in order to communicate caution and education, Jessup Manufacturing wanted to create a variety of options for businesses to choose from. The Safety Track line offers a variety of grits and colors in a rubberized, textured PVC material. Businesses can choose from pre-made options or customize the markings with their specific brandings and messaging.

Jessup Manufacturings has been perfecting their adhesive coated and laminated materials for over 64 years, creating over 10,000 custom and branded solutions for customers. Working across a variety of industries, they are able to offer numerous options when it comes to social distance markers in order to meet specific business needs and CDC requirements. With two manufacturing plans in the United States, they are committed to helping their customers reopen their business safely.

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