Jennifer Spoelma seeks fund for her book launch called \”Tell it Well Book – Discover, Own and Share Your Story Well\”

Jennifer Spoelma is seeking $14,000 by Nov. 5 2016 in her Kickstarter pledge campaign to fund the publication of her book, “Tell It Well.” With 28 days to go, she has received $1,665 from 24 backers.

“As with any big project, there are a lot of moving pieces that need to come together to launch [the book] successfully,” Spoelma said. “I don’t foresee any risks with backing ‘Tell it Well,’ only challenges. The publishing and launch schedule I have is quite aggressive.”

According to Spoelma, “Tell It Well” is a Christian-oriented book for people who want to understand how their lives relate to God’s overall plan and how to share their experiences with others in engaging, relevant faith-based conversation.

“This book is written for anyone that wants to know how their experiences play into God’s larger story,” Spoelma stated. “It’s about discovering what your story is, then using it to find common ground and engage in conversations about faith with grace, confidence, and authenticity.”

There are eight pledge levels with rewards, valued from $10 and $1500. The lowest level receives a digital download of the “Tell It Well.” At the highest level donors receive 30 limited edition hardcover copies of the book and an in-person visit and teaching from Spoelma. Other rewards include tee-shirts and tank tops with various inscriptions.

“If the goal isn’t met, you will never be charged and I won’t receive any money,” Spoelma stated.  “If we surpass $14,000, I have some fun stretch goals we can unlock. The more money we raise, the more opportunities we will have to share the message in exciting, creative ways.”

If financial goals are met, publication of Tell It Well is expected to launch by Dec. 15 2016, according to Spoelma. “While I believe that my collaborators and I can meet the deadlines necessary to launch, there is always the possibility of unexpected delays or issues.”

The “stretch goals” include a possible audio version of her book if $25,000 can be raised and a conversion of her materials to a teaching curriculum if pledges reach a total of $45,000.

Spoelma has a Bachelor’s degree in Writing and works as a product education specialist in the communication field. She has been writing her own interview style blog since 2013 and has been working on “Tell It Well” for almost 12 months.

“I want to help as many people as possible know that their unique journey has a purpose,” Spoelma stated. “Your story can bring people together and inspire others. God has given me such a passion for this message and I believe writing a book is the best way to spread the message.

“Knowing what your story is, and realizing that it is immensely valuable, is all you need to present a faith in Christ that is vibrant, powerful and relevant. If you know your story, you are equipped to share Jesus in a meaningful way.”

Go to for more information or to make a pledge. Other websites to learn more about Spoelma’s work include and

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