Jan Moore Releases New Children’s Book – Be You Bravely

Jan Moore Releases New Children’s Book - Be You Bravely
Jan Moore Releases New Children’s Book – Be You Bravely
Discover the Power of Unconditional Love and Friendship in Be You Bravely by Jan Moore

In the enchanting depths of the sea, a heartwarming tale of friendship, diversity, and bravery unfolds in Be You Bravely by Jan Moore. Published by NMK Affirmations, LLC, this captivating children’s fiction book introduces readers to a vibrant community of sea creatures whose values of love and unity shine through every page.

Within the pages of Be You Bravely, readers are welcomed into the lives of Koyah, Zaya, and Pandora, three dolphins belonging to a close-knit pod. Together, they share days of learning, singing, and exploring their underwater world. Central to their pod’s philosophy are friendship, inclusivity, and the power of community.

However, the heart of the story lies in Pandora’s personal journey of self-discovery. In a courageous and touching moment, Pandora confides in her friends that she is transgender. As the pod rallies around her, readers are taken on a poignant exploration of genuine friendship and the boundless depths of unconditional love.

Author Jan Moore, a mother of four remarkable individuals, draws from her own experiences to infuse authenticity and warmth into the story. Moore’s personal journey, from facing challenges like infertility and breast cancer to embracing her daughter’s revelation as transgender, forms the backdrop of this heartwarming narrative.

“I am on a mission to bring light to those who cannot speak for themselves,” Moore states. Her passion for inclusivity and understanding radiates through the pages of Be You Bravely, where all are welcome to learn, grow, and find strength in diversity.

Jan Moore’s dedication to advocacy extends beyond her writing. She co-founded Narwhal Magic Kindness, a non-profit organization that supports transgender and gender-diverse individuals by providing resources, information, and community. Narwhal Magic Kindness was born from Moore’s desire to create a safe and empowering space for families like hers who are navigating the challenges of supporting a transgender child’s journey.

Be You Bravely is available for purchase on Amazon, offering readers an opportunity to explore a world of compassion, acceptance, and authenticity. As NMK Affirmations, LLC, continues to amplify voices and stories that celebrate diversity, Be You Bravely stands as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of love and friendship.


For more information about the author, the book, and Narwhal Magic Kindness, please visit:

Author’s Website: http://www.jan-moore.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063607712338

Instagram (Narwhal Magic Kindness): https://www.instagram.com/narwhalmagickindness

Instagram (Jan Moore – All Are Welcome): https://www.instagram.com/janmooreallrwelcome

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Be-you-Bravely-Jan-Moore/dp/B0CFRPJKK4

About NMK Affirmations, LLC:

NMK Affirmations, LLC, is a publishing house committed to sharing stories that celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and the power of kindness. By amplifying voices that foster understanding and compassion, NMK Affirmations, LLC, aims to create a world where all are welcome to be their authentic selves.

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