ISEG Closes £250 Million Deal (USD 300m) with AlliedSX Limited

LONDON – 6th February, 2017 – ISEG is pleased to confirm the launch of 50 global Stock Exchange sites which have gone live today.

AlliedSX has acquired a massive tech transfer of 50 IP agreements covering 50 websites, 50 localised servers, 50 databases and 50 sets of documentation in order to give the ISEG Digital Stock Exchange Platform a global footprint in 50 countries.

“We quickly realised a single global stock exchange was not possible for many reasons, mainly from a regulatory perspective but also national focus and pride, therefore we have gone local to go global” said Edward Fitzpatrick CEO of ISEG Limited.

A new brand has been created in AlliedSX to effect the launch, sale and management of these 50 country-based exchanges bring uniformity and a key alliance to a team of startup stock exchanges structured for early stage companies everywhere.

Allied stock exchanges are all in a key alliance with each other. They all host the ISEG platform, technology, onboarding systems and regulatory features, they host the propitiatory brokerage systems and unique trading platform locally. Allied SX equips local partners in the AlliedSX format to own and operate a country based startup stock exchange. 

This is FinTech in its biggest collaboration resulting in the emerging capital market’s biggest shift. “Early stage companies currently have nowhere to lay their hat after they close their first round of funding whether that be via a crowdfunding platform or friends and family,” adds Fitzpatrick ” big board stock exchanges have increased the gap in the market with stricter regulations and higher costs resulting in small to medium sized companies failing on them. “As the market shifts a gap has risen and we have filled it,” said FITZPATRICK.

AlliedSX is an early stage stock exchange that caters for these companies with relaxed trading capability and relaxed regulations compared to big board exchanges. By combining technology with know-how and procedure Allied has created a structure that meets this market need perfectly. It smooths out the process for early stage companies and mitigates risk for their investor base.

ISEG has also created and invested in a suite of fintech products and services for companies listing on an Allied Stock Exchange which put them on what ISEG has coined “The Capital Superhighway” This initiative will assist early stage businesses become later stage businesses faster and safer.

AlliedSX is bringing a fit-for-purpose startup stock exchange to 50 countries that will revolutionize capital markets, creating the world’s first Capital Superhighway to assist early stage companies in their growth cycle.

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