The innovation and start-up eruption in this present decade has changed the way things are done, the dynamics of investing, promoting, and raising funds. Effective use of the internet can help raise funds, promote business brands, and help grow small startups into big businesses.

OWNWR, an extended crowdfunding platform announces its services in helping to bridge the gap between innovators, startup founders and investors to grow their brand, increase sales, increase their reach, analyze company performance and make them self-reliant. Ownwr provides a greater reach to investment opportunities by reducing entry barriers by introducing models of fractional ownership and greater involvement of consumers as investors to reduce the cycle time of go-to-market by using best practices in a more efficient manner.

“Using the ownwr platform for your project developments or alternative/venture investment needs helps position both investors and developers to focus resources, align activities and execute plans to achieve desired outcomes,” said the founder of OWNWR Mr. Gagan Garg, a visionary investor and entrepreneur. He also had this to say about the company’s target and goals. “Ownwr assists individuals and organizations to fill investment needs and reach new levels of performance.  With a results-focused approach, we target to have facilitated funding of over $2Bn via ownwr.com by 2019. From micro-lending at 0% to the poorest and farthest corners in the world to co-owning racehorses and luxury apartments in central London.”

Ownwr’s platform ecosystem uses proprietary best practices and their Investment Framework to ensure success.  Some of their curated products for funding include part ownership in renewable power plants in developing economies, gold bullion in some of the safest vaults in Zurich and London, and ETF style theme based stock investments for the hobby investor, all the way to the big funds and wealth managers.

WHY BVI? Ownwr wants to serve the world and minimize restrictive trade practices and regulations. It was an obvious choice that the returns on the investments should be taxed in the home countries of the project promoter and investors respectively. With investors from over 150 nations, the regulations of each country can be complex. Ownwr believes in ‘One World’ and wants people to have a direct stake in it.

About Us

OWNWR is a fundraising/crowdfunding platform, Ownwr is derived from the words ‘to own a part of the World’, through the ‘world wide web.’ Ownwr – to own a part. Founded by Gagan Garg, the company is dedicated to helping democratization of investments, reducing costs, and enabling greater access to opportunities. It is a safe-haven for, theme based securities trading, alternate investments where investors get to invest in fractional ownership of a company or assets, Equity and micro lending ideas aimed at solving real-life problems facing the human race. 

Media Contact
Company Name: OWNWR
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Country: Virgin Islands (British)
Website: www.ownwr.com